Neil Forrester


Neil Forrester

Age: 24
Height: 176cm (5’9)
Job: intern at Claner Medical Center
Tropes: tsundere, arrogant, Mr. Serious, off-putting, well-spoken, easily caught off-guard
Themes: fairy-tale romance, rich life, sexual tension, parents’ expectations

Neil belongs to a rich family that owns Claner Medical Center, setting high expectations for their son. When he was a young boy, he ran away from home and met you at a playground. You both escaped the police, but eventually, Neil’s parents got him back, safe and sound.

Eventually when you meet again as adults, Neil has no idea who you are. That’s when you realize Neil has always thought you were a boy when you were younger. Embarrassed at his mistake, Neil doesn’t quite know how to interact with you anymore, thus ends up mostly putting you down with his arrogance.



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