Caine Prins


Caine Prins

Age: 21
Height: 171cm (5’7)
Job: college student/convenience store clerk
Tropes: tsundere, thief, loud-mouth, vulgar, stand-offish, short fuse, loner
Themes: bullied past, sexual tension, love/hate romance, pretend lovers, making friends, theft, online harassment

During your last party in college, you meet a drunk Caine whose friends seemed to have abandoned him. You eventually help him get home safe.

Years later you meet him again at a jewelry store – and he’s stealing! You call him out and he makes a mad dash for it. You see him again at the convenience store he works at, where he pretends he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. You warn him to be careful, otherwise you’ll report him as a thief to his college.