James’ new story

Each bachelor in Tailor Tales has a unique story. The only consistent element in each story is that Joselina has her own boutique and makes clothes. Neil, Dimitri, Caine and Aiden have always had their stories planned from the beginning. Recently, I managed to outline Sam’s story as well.

But what about James? Well, to be honest, while I did have a vague idea where I wanted to take the story, it never quite settled for me. I came up with a bunch of ideas, but none stuck. James therefor, never had a clear outline.

In his first iteration, James was a carpenter in a small village.


With Tailor Tales’ reboot, it has turned into a visual novel and Joselina now lives in a city.

The idea that James is a carpenter was still on my mind, it could fit with home improvements. But I didn’t get a very concrete idea for it.

Because James has always been the most popular character – the one people look forward to playing – I figured it’s best to not touch James unless I had a really good story planned out for him.

That day has finally come!

After watching The Incredibles 2, inspiration struck. Suddenly a very vivid story came to mind. It had everything; a fantastical romance, action, character development, and supernatural powers. The only thing it was lacking…

A bachelor that would have this story.

This story is obviously not in line with the rest. Tailor Tales is a modern-day setting, mostly slice of life stuff. The idea of superheroes with special powers did not fit with any of the guys. So I kept thinking about a potential 7th bachelor, for in the future.

But to have this great story thought out while James’ was still sorely lacking… I wondered; could I give James this story? His personality would be in line with what I had in mind, it would just mean a complete overhaul of what I currently had for James.

After asking around, it seems most people were okay with a superhero storyline for James.

So James is no longer a carpenter… James is from now on, a superhero! Trust me, this story will be awesome, I’ve got a clear vision of what I want to do with it and you won’t be disappointed. Yes, it’s supernatural and doesn’t fit in with the other bachelors… but Joselina is still running her boutique, making clothes. Except this time, she makes costumes for superheroes.

With a new story for James, I needed a new sprite for him as well. So, say hello to our new (and very buff) James!


If you’re curious, here’s how James’ design has changed over the years:


I’m very excited to write his story, which is the most important thing :)

Neil gets an extra CG

As I was working on Dimitri’s route, there was a moment where a CG would be really nice. unfortunately, I had already planned all of his CGs, but that moment was not one of them. I decided it wouldn’t be the end of the world to add one more CG for all of the bachelors. From a total of 8 free CGs (9 including the epilogue), there will now be 9 free CGs (10 including the epilogue) for each bachelor.

That means Neil is getting an extra one, and I need your help in deciding which one it should be!

It will appear in chapter 20, during the dinner with Neil’s parents. There are two scenarios which can have a CG, these are:

– When Neil drops the fork and goes to pick it up at the same time as the MC is. They will be face to face and Neil will be startled and get flustered.
– When the MC is embracing Neil, he goes to kiss her at her doorstep.

Which one would you like to see more?

Neil’s ending statistics!

Since over a 100 people have completed Neil’s survey (at the end of his route), I can release some statistics!

Which ending did people get on their first run?
56% Passionate Ending
44% Innocent Ending

A slight majority of players favour being fierce more over kind when it comes to Neil’s route! Probably because it’s a lot better to bite back when Neil is acting immature. I’m glad that there’s not a huge divide, as that would indicate I wasn’t giving really good options for the player to make. Both choices should have their own merit, after all.

What did players like about Neil’s route?
By far, with 87%, people liked it when Neil would be caught off guard and show his awkward self. There are plenty moments in Neil’s story where he’s simply at the mercy of Joselina or is too embarrassed to act composed. It’s fun to knock Neil down a peg or two when he’s always so full of himself.

Runner up with 83% are the kissing scenes! People seemed to really enjoy those, which I’m happy for. I made sure to not write the story in such a way that the kissing would happen at the end, no – kissing and physical intimacy would happen throughout the story. Things need to be spicy!

Most memorable chapter?
42% voted chapter 16 as most memorable. This chapter is where Neil kisses Joselina on top of her counter in her boutique, which includes the first kissing CG. 37% voted chapter 12, the masquerade ball, which is where the first kiss happens! I’m surprised chapter 16 won over chapter 12 since the masquerade has a very fairy tale like feeling, but hot make out scenes win here!

Best CG?
No surprise here, CG 4, the kissing CG, is the most popular. Close behind is CG 6, Neil and Joselina’s selfie. In third place is Neil’s first CG, where he hides behind a laptop. What to take from this is that people love kissing CGs, as well as CGs where Neil looks ridiculous.

Do you like Neil’s purple hair?
80% liked his black hair more
9% no opinion
9% liked his purple hair more

As expected, people are in love with his new hairstyle! I always try to give characters different sprites in their routes.

Do players want to read 18+ sex scenes?
87% yes (adults)
7% yes (minor)
5% no opinion
2% no

This ties in what players wanted to see more of; steamy romantic scenes. Basically, 95% of players want steamy romantic sex scenes with their favourite guy. And why the hell shouldn’t there be sex? The characters are adults and there’s nothing wrong with getting frisky. Tailor Tales will eventually have premium content that unlocks the 18+ stuff.

And lastly, Caine is still the runner up for next bachelor to be released in Tailor Tales.

Thanks for playing Neil’s route everyone!

Aiden’s storyline and writing other stories

While preparing for the next beta (edit: due to a large bug found within the system, this will be pushed back a bit until it’s fixed), I started fiddling around with other character’s stories, mainly Dimitri, Caine and Aiden.


Aiden finally has a storyline now! I’ve been wanting to write about a character like him for a while now, and finally came up with a decent enough plot to kickstart the story.

Probably what all bachelors have in common in their stories, is finding out who they really are. That’s the core of each bachelor’s story. It’ll present itself in different ways in each story (after all each plot is unique to that bachelor), and I hope that my writing is enough to pull off the fact that these are 3 dimensional characters, and not cardboard cutouts of their archetypes.

Each story deals with something different: expectations, loneliness, bullying, low self-esteem, fitting in, social anxiety, stalkers, living in someone’s shadow, and not being able to express who you truly are. I want to tackle these subjects, and hope you as the player can feel compassion for the characters, and even relate to them.

That said, Tailor Tales is still a game for everyone, so it won’t get too angsty, and a happy ending is always in sight.

I’ve been happily writing the intros to Dimitri and Caine, each story now already having 10k words to its script. I hope to make every route around 60k words long. So that’s about 360k words in a single game, hah. Must be out of my mind. That’s not even counting the fact there’s two endings for each character and the different scenes that will occur when you select a different choice. So maybe it’s closer to 400k?

Character routes

Since the last beta, I’ve worked on fleshing out the routes of the other characters, as well as worked on the main menu of the game.

TDS is also still working on the clothing system, but the first part is almost done, so yay.

First, I want to introduce you to the 6th bachelor of the game:

This is Dimitri, the youngest of the bunch at 19 years old. He’s a pretty sweet guy, but is too shy to express his true feelings.

Aiden also got a make-over, I wasn’t satisfied with his design.

So let me introduce the guys to you and their routes! Each guy has its own story after all, and there is no common route in Tailor Tales. Aiden currently has no known route, I still need to brainstorm about him.


Now that the guys are introduced, who are you the most excited about to play?

Adding the first 5 chapters into the game

It’s finally begun – I have started adding the chapters to the game! Messing around with backgrounds, portraits, music, and the actual text. My goal is to add the first 5 chapters of Neil’s route to the game, release it to you guys and get some feedback.

So here are two official in-game screenshots!


I’m running into some issues that I’ll try to get fixed, but I’ll be happy to announce that an early look at Neil’s route for you all isn’t very far off into the future.

Starting a new story

With Neil’s story finished, and having to wait on a plugin to be written for me so I can start adding the story to the game, I figured I might as well start writing the story of another bachelor.

Which should have been James … instead I made a new character! Meet Caine:


Sorry for you James fans – Caine’s voice was definitely speaking to me much more, and the plot of his story is something I had been thinking of for two years or so. His appearance was modeled after an old character of mine (Bill), but his personality is completely different. He has questionable morals, shoplifts, likes to bully kids, and is alright with lying to your face. He’s the youngest of the cast, being two years younger than our main character Joselina, and still in college. Caine is still trying to find his place in the world, will you help set him on the right path?

I’m going to have a lot of fun writing his route!

Neil’s story finished!

Celebration is in order! I’ve finished writing the passionate route for Neil, which caps at 56k words. This does mean I’ve only finished writing the route in which the player is more aggressive, the innocent route still needs to be written (same story, only Joselina behaves differently).

I hope people don’t care much for the fact that there are only a couple of choices at the very beginning of the game, to determine which route you shall take. After that, there’s NO CHOICES anymore. I didn’t want to make fake choices that don’t impact the story at all, so I left them at the beginning to split the story into two routes, and that’s it.

Oh, and meet the third bachelor; Sam!

(portrait not finished, will be subjected to change)

Don’t let his appearance fool you; Sam’s a real sweetheart (it was kind of needed when you’ve got two jerks as the other bachelors). He’s got nothing in common with a previous bachelor of mine that he resembles a bit (Roy), he’s all original. The first character that wears glasses, too.

Can’t wait to write his route as well!

James update!

James isn’t a priority at all, but I like drawing him all the same, and I finally wrapped up his portrait.

Just wanted to show you guys his new design! I gave him darker skin and eyes, I feel like it suits him more.


Other news: Neil’s story is at 50k and I’m so sorry, I’m so bad at closing stories, I just tend to write a lot! I’m trying to write the ending first, so I can have a goal to work towards. His story will probably cap around 57k-60k or something.

I’m also very interested in releasing early chapters to you guys, so you can beta test it, and give me feedback. It would just be a read only version, no gameplay. Simply put, a kinetic novel? What do you think?


Visual updates

Been a while since my last update, but I haven’t forgotten about Tailor Tales just yet!

While I still don’t know exactly how the gameplay will end up like, or how the story will play alongside making clothes – I do know it will be a streamlined story featuring the guy of your choice. It’ll be VERY visual novel style.

And what fun is making clothes if you already start out with one of the most beautiful dresses? That’s why; meet Joselina the standard avatar! The art style has been tweaked again, and I think this is the one I’m sticking with. Simple, yet with realistic proportions.


In the beginning, the player can create their own avatar with basic options such as skin tone, eye style and hair colour. Later on, as they progress the game, they’ll have more wardrobe options (that they make themselves), as well as having the option to style your hair at a salon, and buy accessories such as shoes and hats from another store. You can even change the background of your dressing room. It’s a glamorous lifestyle!

If you want to see what Joselina looks like in other clothes and hair, just click here.

Most likely, to advance the story, I might make it so that you have to create a certain piece of clothing to advance. I know, it seems arbitrary, but because it’s not an open world anymore, I do need to come up with some reason to make the player advance.

Speaking of advancing, Neil’s story is slowly being written. I’ve finally bit the bullet and decided to go for a first person point of view – even though I’ve always hated it myself – so that the player can immerse themselves more into the story.

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without revealing what Neil’s portrait looks like. I’ve decided to make a fullbody portrait of him, just like Joselina.


I’m actually really fond of the simplistic stylized backgrounds that I’m considering going full blown VN style and having backgrounds instead of maps for the backdrop.



Perhaps something like this?