Using my new tiles


Anyone recognize it, just a little bit?

It’s a re-imagining of Harvest Moon’s Mineral Town! I did away with several buildings, like the winery and inn, and just in general make my own version.

Wouldn’t it be fun to play a game set in Mineral Town where all of the bachelors and bachelorettes had kids, and you can now date their children?

Gonna get so much flack for this

But I totally want to ditch Tailor Tales and start a new project, based on my newest tileset.

It would not be centered around tailoring, instead it’s a survival game. The premise is the heroine is on a cruise, but due to a storm, the ship sinks. The heroine manages to fall overboard the lifeboat, along with another dude, and washes up on some strange, seemingly uninhabited island. But as the heroine comes to find out, it’s not uninhabited at all … it’s got a tribe full of guys who are wondering just who this weird creature is. As you try and learn survival skills, such as foraging, eventually farming, hunting, navigating the island, cooking, and construction work – the heroine can woo any of the guys on the island.

… Including this mysterious other tribe that co-habits the island with the tribe that found the heroine. I wonder where that guy went to that fell overboard with her?

Ahaha, I know this is not good news at all for those following this blog. But. TT is at a stand-still simply because of the tremendous amount of work it requires to finish, and anytime I look at it and think; should I start working on it again? I think of that huge mountain I need to overcome, and say; nah. This new project would at least take into consideration the amount of work that is needed (there’d be no portraits for the characters, and an NPC schedule/pathfinding system would not exist), which is much more realistic than TT, because, well, the tileset is already finished and the sprites would be done in a jiffy.

I wanna make a game with this, hah

In case you didn’t know, I’m currently working on a resource pack for RPG Maker VX Ace (this is why I’m not working on any other projects), and the more I work on it … the more I want to create a game with it!

So far it’s got all the graphics you need to create your Harvest Moon rip-off with a lot of dating elements. Hell, you could even ditch all the farming stuff, and make a school dating game (yes, there are school graphics + uniforms available). The only thing missing are the portraits for the sprites, which I’ll create as an add-on later.

So I’m just going to pimp out my stuff right now, and hope that maybe someone out there is actually interested in buying it (I’d seriously play the hell out of your game if you did buy it). Screenies!

No interior screens just yet because I still need to finish them up. Hopefully by the end of this month, I’m finally done with them.

In case anyone is confused; no, this is not a game. I am simply creating all of the graphics so that other people could create a game with it.