Forest map completed (for real)

I’m on a roll, the forest (well, not really a forest anymore) is completed. It now includes a small lake instead of a hotsprings, as well as a cave entrance. This is as much ‘forest’ as you’ll find, and that’s fine with me, since now I’m planning on adding a beach.

Click for bigger image

Erm, ignore the small error at the top of the waterfall, there’s supposed to be rock behind it, but I forgot to add it.

Anyways, there are 6 main maps in the game. Which are:

District 1
District 2 (includes town square)
District 3 (this is where you live)
District 4 (town center)

Then of course, there’s tons of sub-maps (insides of houses etc), but I think the sheer size of it is manageable, not as big as I planned before, but still good enough.

First new map and spriteset

Since I’ve decided to switch styles, I started working on general resources etc. Since I made some cute carpentry tools as well, I couldn’t resist but make James’s (or should I say Buck’s?) Carpentry!

Click for bigger image.

Yup, that’s the first map made in this new style.

I’ve also decided on which spriteset to use, which will be a modified sprite of Emmych’s original spritebase. Here’s a comparison:

They are much, MUCH taller than the previous spritebase I used (this is to compensate for the larger tiles as well), and larger than Emmych’s original base as well (I’m gonna use hers for the kids, works, right?). While this means I’ll have to sprite everyone again, the good thing is I only have 19 characters to make this time, not over 30.

Revamping maps

I’ve been pondering whether or not to redo some of my map objects or not. I decided that yes, it’s best if I redrew some things. I’ve redrawn the trees, made new streetlights, added a buttload of new flowers and I’m fixing the animation glitch in the river of all the maps which contain the river. I started on district 3. I am also getting rid of those huge shadows the buildings make and replaced them by small, less obstructive shadows.

It went from this:

Click for bigger image.

To this:

Click for bigger image.

I love those new streetlights I made, and they look really good during nighttime. Here’s a screenshot in-game when it’s night:

Click for bigger image

Now I need to start working on redoing all the maps. I’m planning on adding a few more different types of trees, especially in the forest area.

Rated T for Teen!

This game is rated

Well a rating had to be done for Tailor Tales anyway, so why not get it out of the way? This game is rated T for Teens as it contains some mild language and sexual themes. Especially sexual themes. I’m not afraid to put sex into my game, as it’s only a natural part of a relationship – hence why you can have sex with your partner in TT. The actual sex scene won’t be shown of course haha, but you can however ask for sex (or be asked) and even warm up your partner through kissing/hugging/petting etc.

So how does one ask for sex?

Simple! Condoms and birthcontrol!

Don’t they just look so cute? Anyways, these are simple items you can obtain in the clinic and you can either prank someone (go ahead, show some NPC’s a condom and watch their reaction), or you can give it to a bachelor and see what he’ll do with it.

On another update, District 2 is now finished (the one with the clinic in it!), here it is:

Click for bigger version.

District 2 Progress Update

Click for bigger version

So I’ve been working on my District 2 map and it was going awful; the layout just wasn’t working with me! I scrapped most of the old lay-out, going for a more organic feel. Also, I figured, why not add some dimension in there, so I added a tiny little hill. It’s still a work in progress though (shadows will be added later). I still need to create 3 more buildings (I made them grey blocks so I can see how the layout looks like). The little lake in there might not stay in the end result, but who knows. I need something to fill up that space.

I might finish the map later this week. I’m really busy right now as my school forced me to go to my internship for 2 whole weeks instead of having 2 weeks of vacation :(