Updating CGs because I suck

Knew this was coming. On the right, the redrawn CG.


Joselina, the MC, will now blink in her CGs as well. She’s got 6 different eyecolours, so it wasn’t an easy job. But the CGs look alive and worth the effort. As of right now, she appears in 8 CGs, she blinks in 3 of them.

Dimitri’s extra CG has also been finished. Instead of showing the full CG, I’m just gonna leave a crappy sketch behind.


This CG is a little special because it’s longer than the usual aspect ratio. I did this on purpose because the CG will be re-used in a mini-CG (mini-CGs are small graphics during a cutscene that aren’t a true CG).

Alright, that was a productive week, concerning art. Now to get back to writing.


This is probably a feature that should have been added a long time ago…

Tailor Tales Beta - Screenshot 13

You can now save and load during chapters. Because there’s only one save file, you won’t get any confirmation or save slots, simply a quick save and a quick load.

Saving/loading during text is not innate in the engine, so my programmer had to write a script for it. It’s still a bit buggy (character sprites do not get saved, so you’ll be met with an empty screen until they show up again), but hopefully we can work out the kinks.

Also, Neil is wearing a tuxedo during the opera/dinner scene!

Speaking of Neil, his extra CG is finished (the majority wanted the kissing CG!). It is the most complex CG to date because Joselina (the MC) has her eyes open and they need to blink. Considering there’s 8 eye colours, and 3 frames for blinking… that’s quite a lot of variation! Then she needs to have her skin/hair colour reflect the player’s as well, not to mention Neil needs to blink, too. I’m sure I can figure it out though, hah.

I won’t be posting the CG here, for once I’ll keep it spoiler free.

It’s been a year since I officially started working on the third reboot of Tailor Tales and it shows. My art is improving as I get a better grasp of my characters, so older CGs look off compared to the newer ones. Sigh, the cost of improvement.

I may eventually redraw some CGs.

Neil gets an extra CG

As I was working on Dimitri’s route, there was a moment where a CG would be really nice. unfortunately, I had already planned all of his CGs, but that moment was not one of them. I decided it wouldn’t be the end of the world to add one more CG for all of the bachelors. From a total of 8 free CGs (9 including the epilogue), there will now be 9 free CGs (10 including the epilogue) for each bachelor.

That means Neil is getting an extra one, and I need your help in deciding which one it should be!

It will appear in chapter 20, during the dinner with Neil’s parents. There are two scenarios which can have a CG, these are:

– When Neil drops the fork and goes to pick it up at the same time as the MC is. They will be face to face and Neil will be startled and get flustered.
– When the MC is embracing Neil, he goes to kiss her at her doorstep.

Which one would you like to see more?

Dimitri’s progress

Thank you for answering the survey everyone! It certainly helped put things in perspective for me.

Onto the updates! I’ve been working hard each day (you can always see more frequent updates on my Twitter).

Tailor Tales v 1.5.2 - Screenshot 12

Dimitri’s chapters 8 through 12 are finished and added to the game. Working on adding the 13th chapter to the game. There’s another CG in chapter 11 that I finished as well (yay for working 8 hours straight on that…). To put things into perspective, here’s what’s finished for Dimitri’s route:

Playable chapters:
Word count: 60k/90k
CG: 3/9

When compared to Neil, Dimitri’s route is more evenly spread out across the chapters. Neil was the first one I worked on, and because of that, he was the one that got experimented on. That’s why some of Neil’s chapters are very short (like 1k words), or sometimes very long (5k words). Dimitri’s chapters are more steady, averaging around 3k words per chapter. I will try to adhere to 3k words per chapter for future bachelors, whenever possible.

Neil’s story capped out at 98k words when counting his Tailor Tales+ epilogue, so I will try my best to make sure Dimitri’s route is about the same length. Of course, each story is unique, so there will be some differences in length despite my best efforts.

I guess one of my good habits is that I can write a lot even though I was planning on keeping things short. I mean, I was planning on keeping Neil’s route around 80k words, which blew up by 18k more.

I’ve drawn a few more backgrounds, including Joselina’s living room, which had always been a temporary background that I got too lazy to change. Anyways, here’s her living room at the moment!

Tailor Tales v 1.5.2 - Screenshot 15

Tailor Tales and updates

I’ve been trying to find a solution to updating the game whilst allowing your save file and custom designed clothes to carry over, and it’s not been going well. I can update the game through Itch.io and anyone who downloaded the game through Itch.io’s app will have the game automatically updated. No problem there. Same thing for Steam (when it gets a Steam release), the game will get automatically updated. Hooray!

The problem is the manual download – almost no one has downloaded Tailor Tales through the Itch.io app. You cannot update this stand-alone version unless you do it manually. Updating manually is a nightmare and I’ve given up on even trying. There’s too many things that go can go wrong (and will go wrong!).

This means if you want to get future updates on Tailor Tales, you’re going to have to download the game through the Itch.io app/Steam. I will do some more research about a Steam release.

The good news is; yay you can keep your save file! No more downloading entire new versions and starting over again. This time you’ll stick with your save file.

In other news, Neil’s Tailor Tales+ epilogue is almost finished. I’ve drawn all of the backgrounds, CG is finished, script is almost done – I just need to draw some more art and add it to the game and we’re set! Here’s one of the backgrounds in his epilogue:

Only Tailor Tales+ users will be able to see these new scenes and unlock the last CG!

Updating the game & Tailor Tales+

Tailor Tales v 1.6.0 - Screenshot 6

Well, seems the plugin I was using to update the game (so you could keep your save file) was eventually giving me all sorts of errors among my beta testers, and no one could play the game. Time to find a programmer who will write a small program for me so that players can update Tailor Tales.

After all, Tailor Tales will feature frequent updates, as each bachelor will get released one after the other, along with new clothes and other graphic updates. Anyways, Dimitri’s chapters 9 & 10 have been added to the game and tested. That’s about 30% of his route!

Speaking of updating, Tailor Tales+ is now officially going to be implemented. What is Tailor Tales+? I have always said Tailor Tales will be free to play, and it will be, don’t worry. You can still read your stories for free.

But if I want to keep doing this, supporting myself, I do need some form of income. For those that would like to support me to keep me making more for Tailor Tales, there’s Tailor Tales+, which would probably be around €10 when it gets released.

Included in Tailor Tales+ is:

  • No more gold or outfit requirements to advance chapters. You can now read the story in one go, if you so wish
  • You start with some extra gold to be able to purchase clothing items faster
  • The epilogue of every single bachelor will contain smut and the final CG, which is 18+
  • Smut may happen throughout the chapters as well. Fade to black scenes in normal Tailor Tales will be written in detail in Tailor Tales+
  • Access to any side stories that may be added in the future

For now, those are the features! The most important ones to note are of course, the smut scenes. These will be very graphic and the epilogue will contain an 18+ image as well. Regular Tailor Tales has a shorter epilogue and no smut scene, nor the extra CG.

For example, Neil’s regular epilogue is around 2k words long. His TT+ version is 10k+ words long, including one CG.

It goes without saying that Tailor Tales+ is for 18 years and older. Seeing my poll however, most of the players who finished Neil’s story wanted smut in their game and were above 18 years of age.

If you thought my make-out scenes were already very detailed, you’re in for a treat when it comes to the real deal!


Tailor Tales v 1.5.0 - Screenshot 3

New character added; say hello to Mandy! She’s a supporting character in Dimitri’s route. She will be an important client for Joselina. She was a lot of fun to draw.


Her design is loosely based on Abigail displayed above, an old playable character from a previous version of Tailor Tales. What with Tailor Tales allowing you to customize your main character in the first place, there was no need for a second playable character, so Abigail was scrapped.

Dimitri’s chapters 8, 9 & 10


With the group of closed beta testers, they’ve tested out Dimitri’s chapter 8. A separate group is beta reading chapters 9 & 10. Progress is being made! Getting help and direct feedback like this is very valuable to me. Thanks to everyone that’s involved!

Look forward to Dimitri’s full route in 2018!

I’ve been fleshing out his route a bit more, rewriting several things as I’m making some slight changes to his plot.

I’ll also introduce you to Mandy, a secondary character in Dimitri’s route. Here’s what I have sketched of her so far:
Can’t wait to fully colour her!


Re-reading chapters

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 33

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 35

Re-reading chapters now work as intended! If you’ve unlocked a chapter, you can re-read it at any time, regardless of which route you’re on. Re-reading chapters does not affect your current progress such as the chapter or character you’re on, or your fierce/kind points.

You can also decide to re-start the route from that point on so that you switch routes (in case you were on a different character) and so that your kind/fierce points matter (they don’t matter when re-reading chapters). This means you don’t need to grind all the way from chapter 1 to chapter 25 to get the second ending, in case you want both endings.

Getting both endings should be easy enough; the game will automatically ask you if you want to start at chapter 25 again to read the second ending after completing the first ending. You can choose no and always go back to re-read the chapter again to get the second ending!

You may notice the button “Side stories” – these will be unavailable, as they’re meant for future updates in case I’ll ever add more stories!

Still working hard on overhauling the menu so that all the options work and there are no more bugs :)

Blurry background

Just a neat and subtle feature I added; backgrounds now get blurred when the character is close to you.

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 22Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 15

I quite like it! It make you focus more on the sprite.

I’m still hard at work for the next update. My to-do list is:

– Finish 4 more backgrounds
– Finish 2 more CGs
– Add Neil’s chapter 26 & 27
– Add Dimitri’s chapter 7
– Overhaul the main menu … maybe