James’ new story

Each bachelor in Tailor Tales has a unique story. The only consistent element in each story is that Joselina has her own boutique and makes clothes. Neil, Dimitri, Caine and Aiden have always had their stories planned from the beginning. Recently, I managed to outline Sam’s story as well.

But what about James? Well, to be honest, while I did have a vague idea where I wanted to take the story, it never quite settled for me. I came up with a bunch of ideas, but none stuck. James therefor, never had a clear outline.

In his first iteration, James was a carpenter in a small village.


With Tailor Tales’ reboot, it has turned into a visual novel and Joselina now lives in a city.

The idea that James is a carpenter was still on my mind, it could fit with home improvements. But I didn’t get a very concrete idea for it.

Because James has always been the most popular character – the one people look forward to playing – I figured it’s best to not touch James unless I had a really good story planned out for him.

That day has finally come!

After watching The Incredibles 2, inspiration struck. Suddenly a very vivid story came to mind. It had everything; a fantastical romance, action, character development, and supernatural powers. The only thing it was lacking…

A bachelor that would have this story.

This story is obviously not in line with the rest. Tailor Tales is a modern-day setting, mostly slice of life stuff. The idea of superheroes with special powers did not fit with any of the guys. So I kept thinking about a potential 7th bachelor, for in the future.

But to have this great story thought out while James’ was still sorely lacking… I wondered; could I give James this story? His personality would be in line with what I had in mind, it would just mean a complete overhaul of what I currently had for James.

After asking around, it seems most people were okay with a superhero storyline for James.

So James is no longer a carpenter… James is from now on, a superhero! Trust me, this story will be awesome, I’ve got a clear vision of what I want to do with it and you won’t be disappointed. Yes, it’s supernatural and doesn’t fit in with the other bachelors… but Joselina is still running her boutique, making clothes. Except this time, she makes costumes for superheroes.

With a new story for James, I needed a new sprite for him as well. So, say hello to our new (and very buff) James!


If you’re curious, here’s how James’ design has changed over the years:


I’m very excited to write his story, which is the most important thing :)

Explanation om my Patreon

My Patreon is launching on July 10th! The link will be posted on this blog when it’s launched.

Now what exactly is Patreon?
Patreon is a platform where people can donate to you on a monthly basis. Yes, it is a subscription. Yes, you can always cancel your subscription! In return for donating monthly, you get rewards.

Tailor Tales’ Patreon is for getting early access to Tailor Tales & Tailor Tales Plus. Every month, the game will be updated (though I can’t quite predict what the update will be) and you can play any chapters that is not in the public release.

Why pay when you can play for free? The public and free to play release of Tailor Tales won’t be updated until a character route is completed. For now that means, version 1.4 will stay the current public release until Dimitri’s route is completed. For those that don’t want to wait and want to play what’s already available, they can donate to the Patreon and play the most recent update.

If you unsubscribe from the Patreon you will not be able to receive anymore updates, but you can always subscribe later on again.

The difference between Tailor Tales & Tailor Tales Plus
Tailor Tales is rated 16+ for swearing, alcohol/drug abuse and sexual references. In the normal version, you have to complete client requests, earn gold and use this gold to unlock the next chapter.

Tailor Tales Plus is rated 18+ for adults only, as there will be a longer epilogue filled with explicit smut. Sometimes it might even get steamy throughout the route (Dimitri’s chapter 19 has a Plus version for example). Chapters do not cost gold so you can read at your own leisure and not have to worry about requirements. Tailor Tales Plus will also unlock any available side stories. As of this post, there are no side stories yet added, but will in the future.

On my Patreon, Tailor Tales Plus will have more chapters available than the normal Tailor Tales. That means the normal version will be slightly behind on current chapters.

Let it be known that Tailor Tales Plus is the paid version (so it will be on a higher tier in Patreon) and will also be released during the next public update.

Why Patreon?
Tailor Tales is my passion project, but unfortunately I have bills to pay and food to eat. Patreon would be a way to get some amount of income from fans who support me, so I can continue working on Tailor Tales without having to take a break. As of right now, I am working on Tailor Tales full time and I would like to keep it that way.

Tailor Tales is still free to play, but Patreon basically allows you to play the current chapters sooner if you’re too impatient to wait, and you help me out by financing the project! :)

With that said, let’s close this post off with a new screenshot! Have I mentioned I finished writing the script for Dimitri’s passionate ending? I’m getting very close to finishing his script!

Tailor Tales 1.5 - Screenshot 124

Beta testing is underway

Version 1.5 is being tested by the beta testers at the moment, which is Neil’s full route. I’m very happy the way it turned out, especially his epilogue. Seems it’s a hit with the beta testers!

The public version of Tailor Tales won’t be updated until Dimitri’s route is finished as well. That should be this year though :)

However, my eventual Patreon will allow you to have early access to whatever is currently available so that you can still read the story instead of waiting! Just keep an eye on the blog, I will announce it when it’s ready, though I’m aiming for June/July.

As for screenshots, I redrew Dimitri’s naked body so that it would be easier for me in the future to create his epilogue (which has a sex scene in the Plus version).

Tailor Tales 1.6.1 - Screenshot 117

Tailor Tales 1.5 - Screenshot 74

I’m currently trying to write Dimitri’s final chapters, and brainstorming about both of his endings.

Neil’s route is 100% completed!

Now that all of the voice files have been received for the character’s in Neil’s route, I was finally able to complete his epilogue. That means, Neil’s route is now 100% complete, whoo!

Yep, that includes his Plus epilogue as well, which is very 18+.

The guys will now have a close-up sprite whenever they are very close to you, or are kissing you. Previously, the sprites would fade away when you were in the middle of kissing them, but this time, they will have a sprite. I was experimenting a little bit with this close-up version, especially in Neil’s epilogue during his sex scene.

Tailor Tales 1.5 - Screenshot 36

But I have to say, the result is really nice, it makes for a much more immersive scene.

I went back to re-do all of Neil’s kissing scenes to include this new sprite. I had to go back over to his old chapters anyways because I needed to add a voice for Markus and Evelin.

I did the same for Dimitri, drew a close-up sprite of him.

Tailor Tales 1.5 - Screenshot 46

Currently Dimitri’s progress is at 23 chapters.

Due to Neil’s epilogue being finished and the main menu also being done, a public update will be in the near feature (along with the Plus version!). It will have to undergo a lot of testing first though.

I’ve also commissioned someone to create a new Tailor Tales trailer to reflect the current version more!

Finishing up the main menu

Whew, progress has been made. My programmer was re-making my (evented) menu and turning it all into javescript. This means, less prone to bugs, fancier animations, a new way to view images in the gallery, but more importantly; being able to add and change around objects for the future. What that means is that I can easily add in side stories, or a completely new character for example.

On the surface it may look the same as the old menu, but trust me, it’s not. It works a lot better now! Here are some screenshots:

Tailor Tales 1.5 - Screenshot 6Tailor Tales 1.5 - Screenshot 1Tailor Tales 1.6.1 - Screenshot 176
Tailor Tales 1.5 - Screenshot 16.png

And as for other progress updates, Dimitri’s PoV chapters 1 & 2 have been written as a sidestory for Tailor Tales Plus. What does PoV mean? It stands for “Point of View” it means those chapters are written in Dimitri’s point of view, so you know what his side of the story is like.

And I’ve also got some good news about Sam! Yesterday his voice finally came to me and I started writing down some scenes. I’ve now outlined his entire plot, yay! Previously I ran into the issue that I couldn’t quite pin down Sam’s personality (and therefor, couldn’t write out his route). However, I’ve now finally got him locked down and I should be able to write something every now and then :)

Of course, the priority right now is finishing up Dimitri, who is par the course.

Oh, and Markus has a voice now! The voice actor finished up his soundbites and he sounds amazing. It’s so thrilling to play a scene with him and hear his grumpy voice.

New voice actors!

The casting call for Tailor Tales has ended, welcome to these new voice actors! I’ll release a list of names once the VA have decided which ones they’d like to use to be credited as.

Anyways, that means Dimitri and Neil have found a replacement (they will keep their original sounds, the new VA will create additional ones). Can’t wait to finally finish Neil’s epilogue :)

Progress is being made on the main menu of Tailor Tales, which is being turned into actual code. Yes, I was already finished with the main menu, but it was ‘evented’ within RPG Maker, so very limited. One of my testers also ran into a bug and I figured, alright; time to let my programmer take over and remake it. This means it will be future-proof and I should be able to easily add in more CGs (even more characters!). It also means fancy animations, hah. Basically everything should look a lot more streamlined and cohesive. Here’s a small preview.

All the art for Dimitri’s chapters 20 and 21 are finished, including the backgrounds, outfit and CG!

A few variations of Dimitri’s uniform. I eventually decided on the white since it is the standard for pastry chef uniforms.

One of the 3 backgrounds drawn for chapters 20 and 21! After all, you have a wedding to attend.

And a sneak peek of Dimitri’s 6th CG (yes, it is finished), which is a kiss CG, yay!

Time to add chapter 20 and 21 to the game :D

Switching to a Patreon

I’ve given it some more thought and instead of a Kickstarter for raising funds, I’ll do a Patreon instead. Why? Mostly because I know Kickstarter will only reasonably give me around €3000 (I’ve looked at similar otome game Kickstarters and they peak around that amount).

I want to be realistic here and say; €3000 may be enough to finish Dimitri’s route, and that’s it. I’d like to continue doing game dev fulltime, that means bills need to be paid, food needs to be bought.

Tailor Tales is a pretty huge game, Neil’s route is nearly 100k words long, Dimitri is already at 95k words and not even finished. I basically need to write 6 novels for the game. Then all of the art assets need to be created which takes hours upon hours of work. Then everything needs to come together as a game and it should work without bugs – this takes so much of my time.

A Kickstarter cannot realistically keep the project alive. That’s why a monthly thing like Patreon may be able to keep my head above water and allow me to finish Tailor Tales.

It does mean I need to spend time on creating rewards, so I’ll have to come up with rewards that are nice for the supporters, but also don’t take away time from actual game dev. After all, I want to focus on completing Tailor Tales, not be bogged down by rewards :)

Tailor Tales 1.6.1 - Screenshot 134
And as for an update, Dimitri’s chapter 19 has been finished and added to the game. Chapter 20 & 21 will require some new backgrounds, a new outfit for Dimitri and 1 CG so that will take me a while.

Oh, Dimitri’s chapter 19 contains Tailor Tales Plus content! Only available to those that buy the Plus version, of course :D


Dimitri’s chapter 19 has been written – chapter 20 being the wedding! A very important chapter, so I’ve been brainstorming about it.

A wedding you ask? The wedding between Dimitri and the MC? My lips are sealed…


Meanwhile, I’ve finished a character sprite for Kevin. Kevin is a character who appears in Caine’s route. He’s 21 years old and goes to the same college as Caine – he’s doing fashion as his major. Maybe he has a bit of rivalry with the MC hehe.

Because of the many side characters and two of my voice actors dropping from the project, I’ve opened up another casting call audition again for the voices! Spread the word! Here’s the link to the audition.

Dimitri’s chapters 14 – 18

Figured I’d post an update!

Tailor Tales 1.6.1 - Screenshot 64Tailor Tales 1.6.1 - Screenshot 65

Dimitri’s chapters 14 – 18 have been beta read so I’ve been working on adding them to the game. It also includes his 5th CG, which I’m drawing right now.

Dimitri has a co-worker named Kim that I need to draw a sprite for as well, since she appears a couple of times.

There’s been progress on his script as well, right now it’s at 76k words. 18 out of 28 chapters have been written. Actually with how much content each chapter has, Dimitri’s story will most likely top out Neil’s in terms of length. As much as I try, it’s impossible to adhere a certain length for every guy. Sometimes there’s more, sometimes there’s less. But they will always have 28 chapters!

Still no progress on Neil’s epilogue, waiting on my voice actor to complete his voices.

I’m also thinking about making a good trailer for Tailor Tales, though I will likely hire someone for it.