Re-reading chapters

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 33

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 35

Re-reading chapters now work as intended! If you’ve unlocked a chapter, you can re-read it at any time, regardless of which route you’re on. Re-reading chapters does not affect your current progress such as the chapter or character you’re on, or your fierce/kind points.

You can also decide to re-start the route from that point on so that you switch routes (in case you were on a different character) and so that your kind/fierce points matter (they don’t matter when re-reading chapters). This means you don’t need to grind all the way from chapter 1 to chapter 25 to get the second ending, in case you want both endings.

Getting both endings should be easy enough; the game will automatically ask you if you want to start at chapter 25 again to read the second ending after completing the first ending. You can choose no and always go back to re-read the chapter again to get the second ending!

You may notice the button “Side stories” – these will be unavailable, as they’re meant for future updates in case I’ll ever add more stories!

Still working hard on overhauling the menu so that all the options work and there are no more bugs :)

Blurry background

Just a neat and subtle feature I added; backgrounds now get blurred when the character is close to you.

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 22Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 15

I quite like it! It make you focus more on the sprite.

I’m still hard at work for the next update. My to-do list is:

– Finish 4 more backgrounds
– Finish 2 more CGs
– Add Neil’s chapter 26 & 27
– Add Dimitri’s chapter 7
– Overhaul the main menu … maybe

Cover art


Tailor Tales finally gets its cover art! Took me a couple of weeks to finally finish since each of them is basically an entirely new sprite I had to make. It’s also high res, in case I ever want to start handing out posters and whatnot.

Accompanying the cover art is a fresh coat of paint for the blog as well as the page.

Anyways, back to bug testing and writing Neil’s Innocent ending!


The one main feature missing from all of the previous beta builds is the ability to decorate your boutique.

I’ve been working hard on making it reality, and it should hopefully be released in the next update!

Some screenshots:

Tailor Tales v 1.3.1 - Screenshot 20Tailor Tales v 1.3.1 - Screenshot 21

Your furniture will also be able to change to something to your liking, though I haven’t quite yet made any of those furniture pieces yet!

Decorating your boutique is purely visual and isn’t required to progress further in your game. Your boutique does pop up in your main menu, as well as in the story itself, so that’s always fun.

Changes to your boutique will not be reflected in the CGs (don’t kill me, please).


Also, guys, I made a poll to see which character I should add in next. It doesn’t help both Caine and Aiden are neck-and-neck. I need a winner! That said, I’m happy to see Aiden garnering some votes :D

If there’s no clear winner, it’ll be whoever has more of the script finished.

Next character to be added

I’ve finished up Caine’s plot outline (much like Aiden, he’s at the “cut up character art” stage), and I’ve been writing some scenes for him, he’s at 22k words at the moment, 1/4 of the way there.

Both Caine and Aiden are the runner up for the next character to be added. I will not focus on either of them for the time being, as I want to be able to finish up one route at a time (Dimitri being an exception because I wanted to show people two different characters in Tailor Tales). However, I do want to add their first chapter as a preview of what’s to come.

Eventually once Dimitri’s route is done, I will focus on either Caine or Aiden.

Sorry, fans of James, he’s probably going to be dead last.

Anyways, I’ll let you decide: which character should be added next? Caine or Aiden?


A quick run down of the characters and their routes.

Caine is a classic tsundere with a foul mouth. If you like to bicker and kiss to make up with your guy, then Caine is right up your alley. He’s probably the most dramatic out of all routes, and has the most chemistry with the MC. Caine’s route deals with bullying, and can get pretty damn steamy.

He’s a bit of a special case because he presents himself one way online, but in real life, Aiden is a blubbering mess. If you enjoy seeing nerdy characters and like to take charge and maybe even bully them, then Aiden is your guy. Aiden’s route deals with social anxiety, lots of awkward and hilarious moments to be found.

My personal favourite is Aiden, but probably because I love writing him and he’s got like the best ending out of them all.

At the moment, I’ve been writing some more scenes, drawing a cover art, and working on adding the decoration function to the game. You can finally decorate your own boutique, yay!

Oh, and I’ve updated Neil’s, Caine’s and Aiden’s sprites a tiny bit. Neil now looks more like his CGs.

Back in action!

My month long break is finally over (to be fair, I did work on it some), so it’s time to get back in action and push out Tailor Tales’ next update.

Considerate progress has been made regarding clients and shops. The player can now design clothing to earn money, and buy items from the shop.

Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 15Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 16

Each shop will have its own individual background as well as shopkeeper (Sam works at the Hair Salon, and James at the Carpentry!), but those are low priority at the moment. As long as it works, right? Haha.

This does mean in the next update, you won’t have all items given to you for free anymore. You’ll have to work for it! Gold cost as well as gold earnings is something I’ll have to finetune based on people’s experience if it’s too hard to earn gold, or too easy.

You’ll also have to design certain clothes now to progress further into the story … or at least, that’s something I’m going to try to implement for the next beta, but I’m not 100% sure it’ll be included yet.

Who doesn’t want to see the masquerade dress though!?

I was planning on redesigning the menu, but at the moment that’s a bit too much effort, so I’ll leave that for the next beta. The new menu would simply include more options, such as the ability to load, pick out which chapter you’d like to read, and maybe even read a bachelor’s first chapter/read a trailer to try them out before you pick them.

The next beta will keep the previous menu design, so nothing will change on that front.

I’ve also finished drawing Neil’s 5th CG. This one took me forever because I couldn’t get Neil’s face right aarrghh. I’ve redrawn him 4 times … 4!! Also, it’s a lovely CG, because it’s the first one that shows Joselina’s face in it – so it’ll reflect your choices of skin/eye/hair colour.



I found a voice for him. When I created each bachelor, I came up with a vague storyline and what their personality would be like. Neil, Dimitri and Caine came naturally. Aiden took a rework, and after that it was smooth as butter to write his scenes.

The only ones left … Sam and James.


Sam was the hardest for me to grasp, I couldn’t bring myself to write a single scene for him. I just couldn’t find his voice; it was hard to write him. Well, I spend a few days brainstorming about him (and playing other otome games), and I realize I needed to change something about him.

Once I did, Sam’s voice was finally heard! I now have a clear image in my head of what Sam is like, how he responds to things, and what his storyline will branch out into. I’m finally excited to write Sam’s scenes!

All that’s left is James, the second most popular bachelor due to his mysteriousness.

Because James is so popular, I haven’t attempted to touch him just yet. He’s still mostly a blank slate and anything can change. I’ve got a general storyline and a vague idea of his personality, but nothing is really sticking yet. I will have to brainstorm about him, too. I just hope I won’t disappoint people.

As for writing progress, I’ve written one more scene for Caine, and a couple for Dimitri. Dimitri’s story is now at 40k, but due to it being written in a non-chronological order, I can’t release them just yet.

I realized I had too much content planned for Dimitri that I had to remove some scenes I had in mind, hah.

Anyways, next month should be the next beta release, and it should include 10k more words for Neil’s route!

And a shout out to FlamingDiva for creating this lovely dress:

Want to take screenshots as well? Simply go to Outfits and click the camera icon in the top left, select a background and click “done” to generate a screenshot!

Happy to announce some voice acting

As I experimented in the beta, I gave Neil a limited amount of soundbites that you can hear during the story.

Not a single one of you disliked these, instead, everyone thought it added to the story, it made Neil feel more like Neil.

So I went out there and got myself some other voice actors for the other bachelors as well! I’ve managed to snare some very talented people, and James (Bradley Gareth), Aiden (Belsheber Rusape), Caine (Jared Raman) and Sam (P.M. Seymour) are already finished.

Hopefully I can get to add Dimitri’s soundbites in the next beta release! I’m pretty excited to continue adding Dimitri’s route. I haven’t finished writing up his route yet, but I’m at 30k words in, another 40k to go!

And because updates aren’t as interesting without screenshots, here’s a new background and a mock-up of the clothing system when you’re tailoring for clients.


Did you know Dimitri’s first 2 chapters alone needed 6 unique backgrounds? When it comes to creating backgrounds, I surprisingly don’t skimp out as much as I thought I would. Then again, I did go for this art style so that I was able to easily create backgrounds without spending hours and hours on them.

There are 34 unique backgrounds in Tailor Tales so far! Not counting the day/night variations.

Testing out Dimitri

So, everything is ready to go for the next beta, except … I’m going to use this weekend to work a little extra hard to add the first two chapters of Dimitri (or at the very least, chapter 1 will be available). So that you finally have a choice aside from Neil.

I know I was only going to add other bachelors once I finished one – but I think it’s fair, Neil’s script is finished, I just haven’t completely added it to the game yet. So I’m going to test out Dimitri as well.

So far I’ve been writing Dimitri’s and Aiden’s routes. Dimitri is currently at 15k words, Aiden at 9k. I’m having a lot of fun writing them, and considering I actually wrote the first two chapters of Dimitri, he became my second test puppet bachelor.

I hope I can bring you guys the next beta this weekend, look forward to it!

Taking screenshots of your creations

Of course, one of the important things about creating your own clothes and assembling your perfect outfit together, is to be able to share it with others. You know, for bragging rights.

Once you’re assembling your outfit, you can click the camera icon in the corner to take a screenshot of your current outfit so you can share it with other players. You can select your own background (in the beta, there are only 2, but I plan on adding a lot of variation), and the game will produce a usable image for you in the screenshots folder.

It will look like this:


Simply upload it to an image hosting website and share the link! Can’t wait to see your creations :) Here’s another example using more details:


As for the next beta, we’re really trying hard to finish the first draft of the clothing system so that people are able to use it. We’re very close, but it looks like we can’t make the first week of May after all. It’ll definitely be May though, so be on the look out!