Testing out Dimitri

So, everything is ready to go for the next beta, except … I’m going to use this weekend to work a little extra hard to add the first two chapters of Dimitri (or at the very least, chapter 1 will be available). So that you finally have a choice aside from Neil.

I know I was only going to add other bachelors once I finished one – but I think it’s fair, Neil’s script is finished, I just haven’t completely added it to the game yet. So I’m going to test out Dimitri as well.

So far I’ve been writing Dimitri’s and Aiden’s routes. Dimitri is currently at 15k words, Aiden at 9k. I’m having a lot of fun writing them, and considering I actually wrote the first two chapters of Dimitri, he became my second test puppet bachelor.

I hope I can bring you guys the next beta this weekend, look forward to it!

Aiden’s storyline and writing other stories

While preparing for the next beta (edit: due to a large bug found within the system, this will be pushed back a bit until it’s fixed), I started fiddling around with other character’s stories, mainly Dimitri, Caine and Aiden.


Aiden finally has a storyline now! I’ve been wanting to write about a character like him for a while now, and finally came up with a decent enough plot to kickstart the story.

Probably what all bachelors have in common in their stories, is finding out who they really are. That’s the core of each bachelor’s story. It’ll present itself in different ways in each story (after all each plot is unique to that bachelor), and I hope that my writing is enough to pull off the fact that these are 3 dimensional characters, and not cardboard cutouts of their archetypes.

Each story deals with something different: expectations, loneliness, bullying, low self-esteem, fitting in, social anxiety, stalkers, living in someone’s shadow, and not being able to express who you truly are. I want to tackle these subjects, and hope you as the player can feel compassion for the characters, and even relate to them.

That said, Tailor Tales is still a game for everyone, so it won’t get too angsty, and a happy ending is always in sight.

I’ve been happily writing the intros to Dimitri and Caine, each story now already having 10k words to its script. I hope to make every route around 60k words long. So that’s about 360k words in a single game, hah. Must be out of my mind. That’s not even counting the fact there’s two endings for each character and the different scenes that will occur when you select a different choice. So maybe it’s closer to 400k?

Taking screenshots of your creations

Of course, one of the important things about creating your own clothes and assembling your perfect outfit together, is to be able to share it with others. You know, for bragging rights.

Once you’re assembling your outfit, you can click the camera icon in the corner to take a screenshot of your current outfit so you can share it with other players. You can select your own background (in the beta, there are only 2, but I plan on adding a lot of variation), and the game will produce a usable image for you in the screenshots folder.

It will look like this:


Simply upload it to an image hosting website and share the link! Can’t wait to see your creations :) Here’s another example using more details:


As for the next beta, we’re really trying hard to finish the first draft of the clothing system so that people are able to use it. We’re very close, but it looks like we can’t make the first week of May after all. It’ll definitely be May though, so be on the look out!

Next beta coming soon!

I just finished wrapping up chapter 18, which are all the chapters that will be included in the next beta. Neil’s story is now at 41k words for the next beta, with one extra CG to be unlocked.

TDS has said if I wait a little bit more, I can release the beta with a working tailoring system. So we’re just waiting on TDS and then the beta can be released! Hopefully it’ll be in the first week of May.

I’ll be creating a crude tutorial for the beta, sorry about that! It’ll be a quick and dirty job.

I’m excited to see you all try the tailoring system. It will include the option to create tops, skirts and dresses. As well as the dress-up system, which lets you personalize your avatar. You can dress your avatar with the clothing pieces you’ve created, of course!

Here’s a screenshot of the dress-up in action:

Tailor Tales v 03 - Screenshot 24

I’ll try to add a couple of more hairstyles and other styling options, but since it’s a beta, lots of options will still be missing. But with what is available right now should still be plenty to play around with!

The cool thing is, you can take a screenshot of your creations and share it with the rest of us. Please share, I’m dying to see what people will make haha.

I should probably mention; I’m completely open to suggestions. You want a certain hairstyle? Shoes perhaps? Just show me an example, and I’ll try to make it! No guarantees though :)

Designing some clothing!

Okay, TDS has come a long way, and most of the crafting part is finished. Just testing it thoroughly for any bugs and whatnot. Here’s a video of me creating a sailor uniform and some other dress.

Things to note:

– That high shrill ping SFX will be changed to something waaaay less annoying!
– All parts that have a subcategory name (neckline/waist/collar etc.) can have individual colours and patterns
– You can have loads of details you can place onto your design, but I think going over 100+ might make you lag haha
– I can always add on more designs to this plugin, so there will always be future updates adding more items for you to play with
– Currently only a limited amount of options are available, mostly tops/skirts combinations
– You’ll be able to use these designs and dress up your avatar

Screenshot of me creating the sailor uniform.

I’ve also started working on finishing up the options in the main menu (excluding the options on the right), meaning there’s a gallery, save button, character info etc.

Slowly adding more chapters for Neil, since I know some of you are dying to know what happens next. Sorry, I’m not as focused on the story at the moment! Working a lot on the clothing system instead.

Something to note: I’ve been saying Neil has 32 chapters, and I’ve cut it down to 30 at the moment. The amount of words remain the same, but I’ve merged a couple of chapters together since they weren’t very long (less than 1k words). In fact, I’ve been adding scenes entirely, so the wordcount is almost up to 70k right now.

Character routes

Since the last beta, I’ve worked on fleshing out the routes of the other characters, as well as worked on the main menu of the game.

TDS is also still working on the clothing system, but the first part is almost done, so yay.

First, I want to introduce you to the 6th bachelor of the game:

This is Dimitri, the youngest of the bunch at 19 years old. He’s a pretty sweet guy, but is too shy to express his true feelings.

Aiden also got a make-over, I wasn’t satisfied with his design.

So let me introduce the guys to you and their routes! Each guy has its own story after all, and there is no common route in Tailor Tales. Aiden currently has no known route, I still need to brainstorm about him.


Now that the guys are introduced, who are you the most excited about to play?

Tailor Tales beta 0.2

Tailor Tales
Beta v. 0.2

Download Windows

Windows mirror
Mac version not available.

Beta 0.2 is out now! You can read chapters 1 through 12 of Neil’s route. Chapter 1 has an added scene, so I highly recommend replaying from the beginning! Press the spacebar to skip through text quickly.

The clothing system hasn’t been added yet (still in development), purely novel reading at the moment.

New characters are introduced, new backgrounds, two new CGs, and some added voices! If you didn’t like Neil that much from the first beta, I highly recommend reading until chapter 12 – if you still don’t like his route, then I don’t know what will change your mind.

Save bug:
I forgot to turn on the save menu, so you CANNOT save in the beta. Luckily you can still jump towards the chapter you left off in, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

What can you do:
– You can customize your character
– You can read Neil’s first 12 chapters

What you can’t do:
– Click on any options in the menu besides Continue, Settings, Save and ?
– Create any clothing
– Anything else besides reading Neil’s chapters, really

What you don’t need to pay attention to:
– Titlescreen
– Save screen
– Character creation

Feedback I’m looking for:
– Did you like the added sound bites for Neil, the sighs and grunts? Or would you prefer to do without?
– Do you think the backgrounds are interesting enough?
– Do you like the new scene added with the grandma? (if you’ve played the first beta only)
– Would you prefer an actual drawn portrait sprite for the grandma?
– How long did it take you to complete chapters 1 through 12?
– How many fierce points and kind points did you score at the end?

Spoilers questions for those that haven’t played the beta, highlight to read:

– Were you initially fooled during chapter 12, thinking it was Neil?
– Did it become obvious the black haired man was Neil instead?
– Do you like or hate Neil’s new sprite?
– Did you spot the falling star?
– Did you like the CGs and which one was your favourite?
– Did the second CG properly display your selected hair colour and skin tone?
– Did your opinion of Neil change? Do you like him more now, or hate him even more?
– Which chapter did you enjoy the most?
– Do you want to know what happens next?
Please use the word **SPOILERS** in your comment if you’re answering the spoiler questions!