24 thoughts on “Polls

  1. Uhhm hello will sometimes make a tutorial with the heart events and the photo choice poke kiss hug like that cause i saw a video of you gameplaying it and i was curious if i make i game i’ll addcredits of you

    • It’sstill me and how do you make the time in the screen and energy stamina…you. Can justpost a link where you learned it

      • I learned it myself, please stop asking me these questions, I’m not going to teach you how to do every single thing.

        Learn the program yourself, and everything becomes a lot easier to make.

          • Pfft, that’s not harsh just a bit of tough love, she’s right you’ll learn better by experimenting with it yourself sure it’ll be a bit of trial and error but it’ll stick with you, you won’t learn a thing by someone handing you all the solutions to your problems.

  2. I love how most of the people playing this game are twelve to thirteen, and then like almost half of the people want to have sex scenes. It seems very ironic in my opinion. X)

    • I pretty much expected this, though people don’t like to think about it much, but even 10 year olds can be very interested in their sexuality.

      Also, lots of adult fanfiction is written by those under the age of 14, very telling.

  3. I’m upset that this game looks awesome to me after seeing how few people there are who polled in my age group (old). lol
    I still look forward to playing this eventually.

  4. This is alot like harvest moon, aren’t you afraid of them like sueing you or somthing? XD

    • Don’t be ridiculous. Harvest Moon is mainly about farming, while Tailor Tales isn’t – and even that is generic (you might as well sue all farm simulations out there, Farmville anyone?). Then there’s the bachelors/romancing part, which again, you might as well sue all dating simulations.

        • While I realize you weren’t serious, there have been people who have seriously argued with me that I was going to get sued, so I figured I’ll just respond to your comment by saying that’s a ridiculous notion for anyone else who might have the same thoughts.

  5. Hey! I was thinking… *and it might be a little bit much asking…And im not begging…and hey~ its a suggestion~* Maybe you could add a 3rd player to choose from? x] to balence it out~ ? Or maybe she could be a secret unlockable character?

  6. umm when I was taking the poll on sound effects.I got this idea…I mean if you like it I play this game called IZUNA and when tehy introduce themselves they do full sentences but after that they dont speak except for grunts hmphs and all that…

  7. I have seen your posts and things on rmvx and have red some of your ideas also about your calender system on there as I much needed some advice on it before for my own game. But I just wanted to say that I look forward to your game it looks really great and it’s nice to see a game that isn’t really about fighting.

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