Want to help spread the word of Tailor Tales? Then you can go ahead and use any of these images:

Cover art:

Alternate cover art:


Smaller version:


7 thoughts on “Promote

  1. Hello, I was wonderiing how you were able to make an in game clock and calender. Like in your tailor tales video randomstuff.
    I am currently making a game, but I was wondering if a script has to be invovled if so can you help me please?

  2. Hey, I was wondering; if I wanted to make an rpg game like this what knowledge and/or education would I need to be able to do it?

  3. Hey this is Neosky from the forums. I LOVE watching this come to play! Your doing an amzing job. I’ve been wanting to make a Animal Crossing type game, but never really had the want to do it. Everytime i see your game it gets me more and more pumped up! I can’t wait to see more on your’s. Will be watching! Thanks for the push.

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