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  1. I´ve just finished playing your curent progress with Dimitri and I have to say that this game is incredible in every aspect. The writing feels real, the art is great and the game mechanics add up perfectly with everything else. I´m really excited for this game to come out and will definitely buy it :) Hopefully this game gets lots of attention once it releases since it thoroughly deserves it

  2. I have been following your progress on Tailor Tales since after you finished ‘Pretty Ore’. I lost track of Tailor Tales for quite some time and found it again! The progress you’ve made is immense and I can tell you’ve done quite some changes. Nonetheless, I can’t wait for Tailor Tales to come out and I will definitely try the beta. Good luck!

    I miss playing these kinds of games :>
    hot damn, i’ll wait for this no matter how long or old i get. lolololol

  4. you are supremely awesome. you have definitely inspired me to try to create my very own rpg game. believe me when i say that i will definitely buy tailor tales as soon! good luck!

  5. Oh wow, your attention to detail is mind blowing, this project is inspiring and I look up to all the work you’ve put into this. You even went through the trouble of animating the beach waves?! Wow, I can imagine that might’ve taken awhile itself. btw, on one screen, the game-clock says 8:30 but the clock on your tileset says 3:00, I’m sure that’s already been in the back of your mind though. Personally, I’m not a big fan of dating sims, buuuuuuuut I’ll make an exception here :D

  6. I’d need to experience this game before I could see it as good or bad.
    So far…it seems ok. I mean… the first time I played Harvest Moon…I was engrosses and in love..cause i never experieced a game like that before… it wasn’t about dating…it was about living a little version of personal life…no game anywhere else in the world compares. I’m … Sims had simulations…but you don’t become just dictate their lives and burn them to death… which is awesome in its own right. Games like Animal Crossing are addicting and amazing, you just live with little animals and enjoy the day to day…but you don’t produce anything… your like a littler batarer in the stock market….witht he turnips and all. You got games like Fable, which are get powers…and you sluaghter whole towns…so awesome…but you don’t have a family…you don’t love anybody. You got games like games like Oblivion… where you have a whole world and abiliies…and andventure…but no real life…. You’ve got all those games…but none compare to the Hravest Moon feeling. They are all amazing and great…but none are like Harvest Moon… not to many people know about Harvest Moon…or even allow themselves to get into it…but…for me… its one of the best games the world. I love every type of Harvest Moon. … In the end…I’d have to say this…. What I see so far… could be very good… it could be amazing and wonderful… but can it be like Harvest Moon? I don’t know that. What it feels like you have here…is a dating sim with a few extra features… not a Harvest Moon game…but I can’t talk…I haven’t seen it yet. You’ve intrested me… now I need to see something to show for it. I hope this can be like Harvest Moon…but that’s a big check to cash. Please release something…even an unfinished product (many people do this) so I might see what’s going on…. I don’t want to play..I want to investigate. It could be very intresting.

    • This game isn’t harvest moon… Its its own game it is not trying to replace harvest moon. This game is more about dating. If you are looking for harvest moon this aint it. And When Beta Testing is open you can download and see how it works.

    • A beta is not a playable game, it is there for testing purposes. I suggest not participating in the beta if you’re only planning on ‘playing’ it.

      As for when it comes out, I’ll announce it when I’ll announce it, which will be on the blog.

  7. Hey Celianna, this game is by far awesome. I was never fully into games like Harvest Moon, but this game just screams play me!

    I will have to give 0.9 a try in a while!
    –Ooda :)

  8. I’m in love with this game, and the artwork! :)
    I found one bug: when you decide how many items you want to discard (recycle bin) and enter amount grather than amount of this item in your pocket, you’ve got discarding message, but item is still in pocket.

    • Now that’s a strange bug, I’ve been trying to replicate it, but even if I enter in a greater amount than the items I currently have, all the items will be thrown away.

      Can you tell me which item you tried to throw away, and which trashcan you were using?

      • Oh….I’m not sure now (sorry), but I’ll check it again. I had x40 of this, and it was trashcan in house for sure. I set 50 to thrown away, got the message, and this item still was in my pocket. I’ll post after checking it again.

        Ps. Sorry for posting this bug in screenshoot section, didn’t noticed… ^^;

  9. I was just wondering, what is the MAIN AIM of Tailor Tales…is it purely just to enter into a physical relationship with your partner, and will it just be one partner for one person…..

    Also, do we find out about the bachelors History, why they do the things they do, why they act the way the do?

    • The main goal of Tailor Tales is to get one of the bachelors to fall in love with you, so that you can marry him and help turn the fox back into a human (marriage is required to turn him back).

      And you can only date/marry one bachelor, though you’re free to raise affection with all 5 before doing this.

      Sure, you’ll get to know some of their history through dialogue, but not much. I’m not a fan of back stories, especially angsty ones.

  10. You have done a nice job with all the graphics. I like your sprites – they are far more proportionate than the regular rtp sprites. This is also a very nice concept for a game – you don’t see many games that get away from traditional combat or strategy based games – especially on VX. Nice work.

  11. UR VERY GOOD @ THIS! It’s more complex than harvest moon, with it’s repeting dialog! THIS IS GOING TO BE POPULAR I JUST KNOW IT!!! KEEP IT UP!

  12. i agree ur fanfic was great plus ur video on youtube of it which made me want to continue working on my game. It shows ur very talented and im in love with the tiles and things u created ^_^

  13. Ah~ Your so clever xD i mean, First `Pretty Ore` and now your own Game?! I Cant wait to play it!!~

    • Don’t ask her when it will be published, as you can see it is still in development. As far as I know, she doesn’t know for herself.

  14. I’m very amazed that you did all this by yourself without having any help from anyone else. I’m sure it takes a long time to finish this game. So, I hoped the best for you, keep up the good work, ILoveMYMatty!

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