Finished up till chapter 12

So I just finished chapters 1 through 12, 12 being a turning point in Neil’s route.

I can’t spoil much, other than new characters are introduced, lots of new art for your eyes to feast on, and at least a 20 minute read for chapter 12 alone (it’s 5.5k words!).

That makes an official runtime of over an hour for chapters 1 – 12! This marks 1/3 of Neil’s route, and I’m going to estimate that his route will take 3 hours to complete.

Chapter 1 has a new scene, and some added effects. I need to wrap up the supporting characters’ sprite art and add their expressions to the game. Other than the missing expressions, it’s fully playable.

There’s two new CGs, one in chapter 8 and one in chapter 12. The first CG I’m still working on finishing up, and the CG from chapter 12 still needs to be drawn.

So I will need to finish this before the next beta:
– Character art with different outfits
– Character expressions for supporting characters
– CG 2 & 3

Depending on how far TDS is with programming the tailor system, you might also be able to create some clothing as a test. If he’s not that far by then, I will have to leave it out, and include it in the next beta.

The good news is, beta 0.2 is just around the corner! Hopefully by the end of the month it will be released :)

Since I can’t spoil much about chapter 12, here’s just a screenshot of a pretty background:screenshot_07

Tailoring system

screenshot_05(2)Been working on the tailoring system, TDS is writing the code for me, he’s been very helpful. Most things seem to work so far, changing colours, adding patterns, changing to a skirt/top/whatever etc.

It’s a very extensive system, with loads of options. I will focus on basics first before I delve into adding more and more variants of the clothing. After all, I can simply add more options after the system is finished :)


Drew some more backgrounds for Neil’s route. The next beta should have the first 12 chapters available, and with some feedback from the previous beta, have a few changes here and there (mostly an added scene in chapter 1). This is when his route really kicks into gear, and I’m sure people will love chapter 12.

The first 7 chapters released, are about 8000 words long. Chapters 1 through 12 are 24k words long, so there’s a big bump in word count, despite the lower chapter count :)


I also made a new design for a future bachelor. This is Aiden, a laid back gamer, who streams playing videogames as a hobby, and works at a pet store. He’s quite oblivious sometimes, which makes him easy to troll, and he’s unable to tell whether or not someone’s romantically interested in him.

Of course, first I need to finish adding Neil’s route to the game, before I can really work on other bachelors!

Tailor Tales Beta v. 0.1 released


Tailor Tales
Beta v. 0.1

Download Windows

Windows mirror
Mac version not available.

Hooray, the first official beta is released! This means you can help me test it out and provide feedback. I even added two bonus chapters, so you have 7 chapters to read through instead of the original planned 5. It will take about 25 minutes to finish.

There’s a small error in that after chapter 6 ends, chapter 7 starts immediately. This has already been noted :)

What can you do:
– You can customize your character
– You can read Neil’s first 7 chapters

What you can’t do:
– Click on any options in the menu besides “continue”
– Create any clothing
– Anything else besides reading Neil’s chapters, really

What you don’t need to pay attention to:
– Unfinished art (mainly Sarah here)
– Character creation is temporary and will be different and polished

Feedback I’m looking for:

– What are your first impressions after reading Neil’s first few chapters?
– Do you think your choices reflect what you would personally do?
– Are you hooked enough to continue reading?
– If you find any typos or grammar errors, please take a screenshot of it, or recite back the exact line of dialogue.
– How many fierce points and how many kind points did you score at the end?

Beta coming soon!

Neil’s first 6 chapters (not 5, but 6!) are up and running. There’s a small bug I need a fix for, and I’m waiting on someone to give me the new plugin for RPG Maker MV to fix it, but other than that, Neil’s first 6 chapters are ready to be played.

It takes about 20 minutes to play through the first 6 chapters.

Hopefully I’ll have a download up before the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

Adding the first 5 chapters into the game

It’s finally begun – I have started adding the chapters to the game! Messing around with backgrounds, portraits, music, and the actual text. My goal is to add the first 5 chapters of Neil’s route to the game, release it to you guys and get some feedback.

So here are two official in-game screenshots!


I’m running into some issues that I’ll try to get fixed, but I’ll be happy to announce that an early look at Neil’s route for you all isn’t very far off into the future.

Tailoring system

I’m working on ideas for the tailoring system, and I think I just wanna go all out. I want people to design their own clothes with fine details so they can make unique designs, and share it with the community for example.

I’ve got most of it planned out how I want it to be, with different categories for tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts – and refining these so that in essence, you could create your own wedding dress, or a school uniform. Both of these would be possible with the system.

Here’s a mock-up I made of the tailoring system. Note that first you create a design, which is always white, and afterwards, you pick a colour and/or pattern.

With this system in place, the way you earn money is by taking on clients who request a design with specific random parameters that you would need to fulfill. For example, a client requests you make a red shirt with a sweetheart neckline. Or another wants you to create a princess ball gown. The more money you earn, the more patterns (different designs you see in the above picture, like all of the necklines) you can afford, and thus the more designs you can create.

This is quite a big endeavor, so I would need to commission someone to create this plugin for me. I just hope it won’t be more than a $1000 haha …

I also tweaked the main menu a bit, though I’ll probably continue to tweak it until I am satisfied:

More like a kinetic?

Just wondering – would you be alright with playing through a guy’s story that has no different routes? Or only has two different endings that play slightly different?

I’m looking at Neil’s story, which is like 60k, and I’d have to write it all over again for another route … haha. I don’t know what I’m doing to myself.


Anyways, a small update I guess: I’m waiting for a plugin to be created to continue, but I think that’s a no go. I’ll have to do it the hard way. I’m hoping this year I’ll finally release a short demo!