Tailor Tales 2.0 coming out in January 2019

Tailor Tales 1.5.4 - Screenshot 75

Tailor Tales is getting ready to leave beta stage. What does that mean? No more features will be added, save files will be kept, and only character or fashion content will be added in the future. It means the way the game looks, that’s how it will stay. No more major changes.

I’ve been polishing the game lately, in terms of features and aesthetics. What with the support from my Patrons, I’ve got some money to spend on the game and improve it.

More sound effects, more songs, more soundbites, more character outfits, even more choices! Some special features have been added as well, such as; animated mouths and breathing motions of the sprites.

I wanted to draw attention to the fierce/kind system in Tailor Tales, leading to the two endings. So now the choices will definitely let you know which one you’re picking.

And you’ll be able to enjoy all of that, for free – in January 2019!

Dimitri’s route will be completed by then (130k words!), so that’s when the public version of Tailor Tales will finally get updated to version 2.0. That means two completed routes for you to enjoy!

Can’t wait and want to play right now? Tailor Tales is available in early access to Patreon supporters!

Let’s play

Are you a Youtuber that does let’s plays/playthroughs of otome games? Then I’m looking for you!

If anyone covers otome games on their Youtube channel, get in touch with me through here, my Twitter, my e-mail or on the official Tailor Tales Discord, and I can fix you up an early access key that you can cover.

You’re free to record your entire playthrough of the game, with the exception of Plus content (which is the 18+ epilogue, can’t be shown on youtube either way).

Back to game progress; for Patron supporters, they are getting close to seeing Dimitri’s route come to an end, which is hopefully in October. Dimitri’s endings are being tested and I’m working hard on finishing his epilogue.

I’ve also added a new feature to Tailor Tales; night mode.

Now with the click of a button, you can change the textbox to either a dark text + light background, or light text + dark background combo. This is for the people who find it easier to read when the background is dark and the text is light. After all, there’s a lot of reading in Tailor Tales.

Oh, and enjoy the small sneak peek of Caine’s 2nd chapter, which is what I was working on when I was testing out the night mode haha.

Either way, August has been a very productive month for me! So much has been finished, not to mention the amount of new character sketches I’ve made.


These are two characters that will appear in Caine’s route – the girl will also show up in Dimitri’s route! I won’t be sticking to her blonde hair and green eye colour scheme though, I’ll probably change it.

Dimitri’s route is nearing its end

Hooray, Dimitri’s route is almost finished! Excluding his epilogue, I’m almost done adding both his passionate and innocent ending to the game. His final CG has been drawn as well.

Of course, I do still need to write his epilogue and add that to the game as well. That will take a while.

Nevertheless, I believe Tailor Tales’ next public update should be either late December or early January!

Can’t wait and want to play Dimitri’s complete route before that? Patreon supporters get to play before the actual release date, so check it out!

In the meantime, here’s a script progress update:

I finished another chapter for Caine, and two chapters for James.

Joselina’s official sprite sketches

As a Tailor Tales Plus perk, you get to read side stories of the characters. Side stories can be anything, from random short fluffy stories, to a guy’s point of view of a certain chapter.

Three side stories have already been written, one for Neil, and two for Dimitri. Both of these are Point of View stories, so the story is told from their side. That means Joselina, the main character, is a supporting cast member. It also means she will appear on the screen with her own facial expressions and voice.

Your choices in skin/hair/eye colour will be reflected in her sprite as well. The voice can be turned on/off in the main menu, if you prefer her to be voiceless.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite add your own outfit onto her sprite (mainly because it’s an entirely different pose), so Joselina will have default outfits. You can choose one out of four default outfits when she’s an adult, and one out of two when she’s a teen.

Here are the sketches for the outfits:


You can always switch between outfits whenever you’d like. Joselina will wear story-specific outfits when the story calls for it though (like Neil’s masquerade ball).

It will be hell to draw all of this, reflecting the player’s colours as well. It will be the most complicated sprite so far, and I’ll be creating three of them… The third one is Joselina’s brother, a character that will appear in James’ route. Considering they’re siblings, the brother needs to reflect the player’s choice of colours as well.

Ah well – it’ll be worth it in the end!

James is the 4th bachelor!

Well, the majority voted for James, so he’ll be next in line after Caine’s route is completed. Yep, Caine is up next. I have plans for that thieving little redhead.

On another note; Dimitri’s passionate and innocent endings have been written! Here’s the tally so far:


Hopefully I can finish writing Dimitri’s epilogue in August. With that said, Dimitri’s route will be 100% completed this year still. Patreon supporters will be able to read Dimitri’s complete route before the public release, so if you can’t wait, join the Patreon ;)

As for when the public release will get updated, I’m estimating late December or early January. It will contain Neil’s and Dimitri’s full route (excluding the Plus epilogue, it only has the normal epilogue).

The next bachelor

Currently the release order is:
Neil > Dimitri > Caine.

Dimitri’s script is almost finished, which means Caine is the next in line to be released. However, after Caine, who should be the next bachelor?

Vote here!

These are the three contenders:bachelor_info_james



More details on Tailor Tales Plus

I’ve always stood by this comment; Tailor Tales will be free to play. I still stand by it!

However, Tailor Tales Plus, which contains side stories and adult content, will be the paid version of the game.

Tailor Tales will still be free to play and will get updated with each finished route. Currently that means Dimitri’s route will need to be completed before it gets updated.

Tailor Tales Plus on the other hand, will only be accessible through the Patreon until the game is fully complete and has all 6 bachelors finished. Then it will be released as well and you can buy it if you wish.

So that means, if you want to play Tailor Tales Plus now instead of waiting, you can pledge to the Patreon to support me and in return get early access to Tailor Tales Plus. This is the only way to currently play Tailor Tales Plus at the moment.

The free version will be updated this year still! Tailor Tales Plus however, will take a long time to fully complete (after all, only 1/6 routes are complete, with the 2nd one being finished this year).

So if you can’t wait to get your hands on some sexy times with Neil, you can pledge now ;)

For more details on the Patreon, read this post.

Also, thanks to everyone who has pledged thus far, you are all great!

Patreon launched!

Patreon is officially launched!


Get early access to Tailor Tales & Tailor Tales Plus! Remember that Tailor Tales Plus has the longer (erotic) epilogue + 10th CG. It will also have slightly more chapters available to read of Dimitri’s route versus the normal one.

If you can’t wait any longer and want to play what’s available right now, then go pledge!


James’ new story

Each bachelor in Tailor Tales has a unique story. The only consistent element in each story is that Joselina has her own boutique and makes clothes. Neil, Dimitri, Caine and Aiden have always had their stories planned from the beginning. Recently, I managed to outline Sam’s story as well.

But what about James? Well, to be honest, while I did have a vague idea where I wanted to take the story, it never quite settled for me. I came up with a bunch of ideas, but none stuck. James therefor, never had a clear outline.

In his first iteration, James was a carpenter in a small village.


With Tailor Tales’ reboot, it has turned into a visual novel and Joselina now lives in a city.

The idea that James is a carpenter was still on my mind, it could fit with home improvements. But I didn’t get a very concrete idea for it.

Because James has always been the most popular character – the one people look forward to playing – I figured it’s best to not touch James unless I had a really good story planned out for him.

That day has finally come!

After watching The Incredibles 2, inspiration struck. Suddenly a very vivid story came to mind. It had everything; a fantastical romance, action, character development, and supernatural powers. The only thing it was lacking…

A bachelor that would have this story.

This story is obviously not in line with the rest. Tailor Tales is a modern-day setting, mostly slice of life stuff. The idea of superheroes with special powers did not fit with any of the guys. So I kept thinking about a potential 7th bachelor, for in the future.

But to have this great story thought out while James’ was still sorely lacking… I wondered; could I give James this story? His personality would be in line with what I had in mind, it would just mean a complete overhaul of what I currently had for James.

After asking around, it seems most people were okay with a superhero storyline for James.

So James is no longer a carpenter… James is from now on, a superhero! Trust me, this story will be awesome, I’ve got a clear vision of what I want to do with it and you won’t be disappointed. Yes, it’s supernatural and doesn’t fit in with the other bachelors… but Joselina is still running her boutique, making clothes. Except this time, she makes costumes for superheroes.

With a new story for James, I needed a new sprite for him as well. So, say hello to our new (and very buff) James!


If you’re curious, here’s how James’ design has changed over the years:


I’m very excited to write his story, which is the most important thing :)