Starting a new story

With Neil’s story finished, and having to wait on a plugin to be written for me so I can start adding the story to the game, I figured I might as well start writing the story of another bachelor.

Which should have been James … instead I made a new character! Meet Caine:


Sorry for you James fans – Caine’s voice was definitely speaking to me much more, and the plot of his story is something I had been thinking of for two years or so. His appearance was modeled after an old character of mine (Bill), but his personality is completely different. He has questionable morals, shoplifts, likes to bully kids, and is alright with lying to your face. He’s the youngest of the cast, being two years younger than our main character Joselina, and still in college. Caine is still trying to find his place in the world, will you help set him on the right path?

I’m going to have a lot of fun writing his route!

Neil’s story finished!

Celebration is in order! I’ve finished writing the passionate route for Neil, which caps at 56k words. This does mean I’ve only finished writing the route in which the player is more aggressive, the innocent route still needs to be written (same story, only Joselina behaves differently).

I hope people don’t care much for the fact that there are only a couple of choices at the very beginning of the game, to determine which route you shall take. After that, there’s NO CHOICES anymore. I didn’t want to make fake choices that don’t impact the story at all, so I left them at the beginning to split the story into two routes, and that’s it.

Oh, and meet the third bachelor; Sam!

(portrait not finished, will be subjected to change)

Don’t let his appearance fool you; Sam’s a real sweetheart (it was kind of needed when you’ve got two jerks as the other bachelors). He’s got nothing in common with a previous bachelor of mine that he resembles a bit (Roy), he’s all original. The first character that wears glasses, too.

Can’t wait to write his route as well!

Creating the menu

In my previous post I asked if you wanted to see Joselina on screen. It seems most people are in agreement that it would probably be best to leave her out. Yay, less work for me.

I’ve been working on the main menu of the game, the menu you’ll be spending lots of time in, I’m sure. The background is customizable to the player’s tastes, and of course, so is Joselina herself. And yes, that’s her starter outfit.


There’s a big button where you can continue to read the story (you need tailoring exp to continue). The tailoring system doesn’t yet exist, neither does changing your outfit just yet – basically every other button doesn’t do anything right now. My priority is getting Neil’s story into the game.

I’ve enabled Godmode (a cheat) for now, so I don’t need to pass any checkpoints for experience to read the next chapter. The beta test will have Godmode enabled, so people can read only the story.

I am happy to say that Neil’s first few chapters should hopefully be ready soon to beta test.

Add Joselina on screen?

Since I’m making Joselina’s portrait – what with all the different things she can look like, depending on the player – I could now also add her during some dialogue.

Initially, Joselina was never going to show up on the screen during a scene, only during dress-up moments. However, I tried a little test, and made Joselina the second person on the screen during this scene (blood, sweat and tears went into getting this to show up correctly in-game):


I mean, it doesn’t look bad per say, but Joselina does not, and will never, have different expressions on her face. She’ll look the way she’s looking right now, just a blank stare.

During a scene, this can look disturbing when other characters have different expressions, but she stays the same (even if she’s supposed to be yelling or blushing).

On the other hand, considering Joselina is fully customizable, it might immerse players more to see a version of themselves standing next to the bachelor they want to romance. Though a quick note: Joselina will disappear if another person enters the scene, I can only show a max of two people at the same time (to keep my sanity in tact).

Anyways, I’m going to let you decide whether or not I should stick with never showing Joselina during a scene, or to have her stand next to another person in a scene she’s in.

(for those that don’t know, Joselina is the name of the player character that’s supposed to be you)

James update!

James isn’t a priority at all, but I like drawing him all the same, and I finally wrapped up his portrait.

Just wanted to show you guys his new design! I gave him darker skin and eyes, I feel like it suits him more.


Other news: Neil’s story is at 50k and I’m so sorry, I’m so bad at closing stories, I just tend to write a lot! I’m trying to write the ending first, so I can have a goal to work towards. His story will probably cap around 57k-60k or something.

I’m also very interested in releasing early chapters to you guys, so you can beta test it, and give me feedback. It would just be a read only version, no gameplay. Simply put, a kinetic novel? What do you think?


Ingame screenshot

Decided on changing the backgrounds a bit. With this front view perspective, I can actually finish them faster, and give a unique look to Tailor Tales. It also makes it easy for the player to customize their house (so if you hate pink, no worries, you can change it).

Anyways, here’s a quick in-game screenshot of Neil in Joselina’s boutique.


On another note, the portrait system is finished, allowing for each character to show a 100 predetermined expressions (more are possible). I’ve always been a bit sick of the 6 default expressions most characters in Visual Novels have, so I made sure to have a wide variety of expressions for my characters, even if I end up never using them.

What you see in the above screenshot is a working portrait system, with Neil’s expressions fully integrated. The system allows for up to two people on the screen at the same time, and I can also zoom in on the character, so it looks like they’re closer to you.

Neil’s story is currently at 40k words, and I should probably wrap it up before I keep on writing a damn novel.

Changing the story a bit

So after running the poll, the more popular answer is that people would want to play more characters, than to play the same character once more for a different story.

I guess that’s fine. I will scrap my intention to create two different stories for a character. Instead, I will take the same story, but only rewrite the scenes so that it will account for the player’s personality.

Stories were divided into a Passionate and an Innocent route. And they still exist, just right now I’m deciding to not give them separate stories anymore. Instead it will simply reflect your personality more. Are you more aggressive, or are you more passive? Joselina’s actions and thoughts are hopefully more in tune with yours. of course, the bachelor will react to you differently as well.

God knows how many times I’ve been irked by a protagonist who’s stupid, helpless and clueless. I don’t want the player to be stuck with a character that’s supposed to represent them like that.

Lastly, a small update on Neil’s route, his story is nearing the end. I think I will cap out at around 35k words, maybe 40k.