I wanna make a game with this, hah

In case you didn’t know, I’m currently working on a resource pack for RPG Maker VX Ace (this is why I’m not working on any other projects), and the more I work on it … the more I want to create a game with it!

So far it’s got all the graphics you need to create your Harvest Moon rip-off with a lot of dating elements. Hell, you could even ditch all the farming stuff, and make a school dating game (yes, there are school graphics + uniforms available). The only thing missing are the portraits for the sprites, which I’ll create as an add-on later.

So I’m just going to pimp out my stuff right now, and hope that maybe someone out there is actually interested in buying it (I’d seriously play the hell out of your game if you did buy it). Screenies!

No interior screens just yet because I still need to finish them up. Hopefully by the end of this month, I’m finally done with them.

In case anyone is confused; no, this is not a game. I am simply creating all of the graphics so that other people could create a game with it.


I’ve been a bit addicted to some visual novels lately (they’re pretty crappy, but hey I can’t complain, the Voltage Inc. games are in ENGLISH), and I realized, a consistent storyline involving one of the characters is pretty important.

Because after all, who in the world actually liked the fact that characters in Harvest Moon would say the same thing every single day? No one. Not a single soul. We want progress, we want dialogue, we want stuff to happen. We want to connect to the characters and form a believable bond – and you can’t do that unless the character’s dialogue continuously changes according to your standing with them, and their surroundings.

So, I’ve decided to NOT make the bachelors say something different each day in Tailor Tales. Instead, each time you talk to them (and based on his relationship points with you), you will get to have an actual conversation, which will continue the next time you talk to him again. Basically, you’ll be following his storyline. At specific locations, other characters might join in on the conversation. No, not every single time you talk to them you’ll progress his storyline, you still need to heed to the required relationship points to advance, and sometimes you need to be in a specific location to trigger it. If you don’t trigger it, you’ll get regular standard dialogue.

Think of them as heart events in Harvest Moon, except there will be a lot of them and the conversations will be longer and have more substance.

This way, I can still combine the ‘visual novel’ style with the ‘open world’ style.

Of course, only bachelors will get this kind of treatment.

This will definitely require an overhaul of my dialogue system.


Oh man, working on this commercial spriteset has me thinking …

Maaaaaaybe. Maybe I’ll convert to this style when I’m finished. For one, it’s super easy to make them in this style (it is NOT pixelart so it takes a lot less time to complete a sprite), also I’m liking these a lot more than the original Tailor Tales ones.

So perhaps I might switch! It’s not like I already completed a lot of sprites for the characters. Oh. Wait. I forgot. The outfits. Riiiight. Then again, with this style, I might be able to create a fuckton of different outfits for the player, which makes everyone happy, no?

Off topic: New graphics

Speaking of making your own project, what I am currently working on that is taking up all my time, is a resource pack for RPG Maker. It will be sold through the RPG Maker Web store, the price I’m still unclear about, but probably around $15.

To those not familiar with the term; a resource pack, is a pack that contains graphics of a certain theme, and you can use it to create your own game.

My previous pack, the Futuristic Tiles, I didn’t particularly like to make, but hey, it’s money. So now I’m working on something that I actually like, and I think loads of people want as well.

They’re farm tiles.

It will include all the things you need to make your own farming game – and even life/dating simulation game. From animals, to crops, to mineral ores, to trees, to furniture, to characters. It will all be included. For those that love Harvest Moon, or dating games, will probably love to have this resource pack as well, since you can create your own game with it (provided you’re using RPG Maker).

ETA will probably be late June, or August – though I can always take longer if I want to add more graphics to it.

Here’s a small sneak preview of what it’s looking like so far:

If you want to be kept up-to-date on this resource pack, you can follow my personal blog.

Tailor Tales fans…

I never really understood just how popular Tailor Tales had gotten, how much word has gotten out of it, how many people knew about it.

And it’s not even finished – I only had a few betas out, and right now it’s on hiatus.

But seeing people try to make copies of Tailor Tales, lifting mechanics directly from my project, using only my own resources (resources I don’t even host anymore because they’re so old!), it’s really odd. And weird. And it kind of creeps me out because it’s super obvious what it is a clone of.

I know copying is a form of flattery, but when taken to the extreme (in another case, a person is completely emulating my own personal avatar/signature on the forums), it’s just freaky.

I encourage people to make projects, and that essentially, copying from projects that inspire you is what we all do – but try to not make a Tailor Tales 2.0, make your own project :)

In which I seriously consider a new project

So I’ve been thinking a lot, with Tailor Tales on hiatus, I feel the urge to somehow continue anyway. Call it a side-project other than Tailor Tales. It will be a lot less complicated than Tailor Tales, no open world, no walking around giving gifts, no making clothes – just date some (new) boys.

Yeah, I think I might do it, but who knows.

On a side note, let me pimp out this cute visual novel that I just played. It’s called Summer Found Me and it’s pretty cute. Try it out!