Tailor Tales’ 7th route

Just to gauge interest at the moment, take the survey and let me know which route should be done after all 6 main guys have been completed. This is simply for fun at the moment, considering not all side characters have been revealed.

Survey here.

The survey includes mostly side characters. James’route will introduce many new characters (remember this is set in a universe where people have powers and are superheroes). For those that don’t know most side characters, here’s a brief summary of the ones you might not yet know:

Kevin: He appears in Caine’s route. He goes to fashion school as well and kind of looks up to you as a role model. He can get quite flustered. Sometimes a little scared of women.

Thomas: He appears in Caine’s route. Caine’s tormentor of many years. A little dimwitted and quick to lose his temper. He lets his muscles talk.

Kaleb: He appears in James’ route. He is the younger brother of Lana. He is a perfectionist and doesn’t like tardy people. He will scold you if you do something wrong. He is blind in one eye due to a fight with Varitus.

Lana: She appears in James’ route. She’s the older sister of Kaleb. She is always calculating and planning in the background, but in person she is friendly and flirtatious. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

Varitus: He appears in James’ route. He is the unapologetic bad guy. Calculating, cold, ruthless… he will not hesitate to cut your throat if you prove to be useless to him. A leader through and through.

Nornus: He appears in James’ route. He is the younger brother of Varitus. Despite his scowl in the sketch, Nornus is an energetic young man. A little shy, but eager to know about the world. He has been very sheltered his entire life.

Bill:  He appears in James’ route. He’s is a little quiet, and can look intimidating, but he’s quite kind and very loyal. He’ll never betray you once you have his trust.


Caine’s script nearing 100k words

Currently sitting at 97k words and 23 chapters written, Caine’s script is nearing the 100k mark!

Each chapter is roughly 3.6k words long, though this can differ per chapter. I have 7 chapters left to write for Caine’s route until he’s completed :)

I’m definitely aiming to complete his route this year still. When he’ll get a public release, that’s still undetermined.

I’m also hoping to get started on James’ route, though this will require me to create a bunch of new art assets so that will take a while. I guess it’s better to start now than later though.

Caine’s route will have an estimated 130k word count, much like Dimitri’s route.

The case of the controversial period

Tailor Tales - Screenshot 222

Joselina has a few scenes in which she is on her period. I included it in the story for several reasons:

  • To allow Dimitri to take care of her
  • To show guys can be totally okay with periods and not be grossed out by it
  • To not shy away from something most women go through, yet is strangely absent from most media
  • To let people know period cramps can be quite painful for some women

Joselina’s period cramps are quite bad in Dimitri’s route. She will succumb to the pain and even faint. She eventually takes paracetamol (a painkiller medicine popular in Europe, comparable to ibuprofen) to relieve some of her pain.

Most of the responses that mentioned these scenes were positive; people really liked that Dimitri was sweet to Joselina. They also appreciated that I included it in the story and didn’t just brush the problem aside. Some people mentioned they could relate because they also had very painful period cramps.

But I did not expect the opposite.

People were saying it is unrealistic or overdramatic. Some people went along with the premise but didn’t realize I wasn’t adding it to be dramatic, but to be realistic. People had no clue that some women get such bad period cramps that they may black out, faint, even throw up, are unable to get out of bed, and will take painkillers for their pain.

Some of them even mentioned they have bad cramps, but because they never fainted nor took painkillers, they thought the premise was too farfetched. They don’t realize there really is a world out there where women become incapacitated while they are on their period.

I was a little shocked to see how many held this belief that these scenes were unrealistic.

A writing trick is to write what you know.

I myself have fainted a couple of times before due to the pain of the cramps I got. The first time it happened, I was young, losing a lot of blood, and was in so much pain, I just doubled over and fell to the floor. I opened my eyes and suddenly my entire family had surrounded me and called an ambulance.

That was the first time I found out that my period cramps can be bad. Real bad. Since then, I was put on birth control to manage the pain. But even with BC it could hurt a lot, so I took some medicine to even out the pain. However, on the worst of days, I’d just crawl in a fetal position and hope the pain passes soon.

Period cramps are different from everyone. Before the first time I fainted, my periods were a joke. I had no pain whatsoever. I could do my normal every day stuff without being inconvenienced. And then one day, I was taken out of commission by my painful period cramps. I could not walk, I could not even talk. Some women experience this every month.

Some may faint. Some may not. Some may take medicine to manage their pain, while others don’t feel any pain whatsoever.

We should never call someone’s experience unrealistic or too farfetched because it’s a different reality from our own. You do not live in their body.

I hope with this post to raise a little awareness of some people’s pain level during their period. These can vary wildly.

Period cramps suck, but you’re not alone and there are definitely Dimitri types out there who will care for you while you’re barely holding on.


Bigger text!

I’ve added a new feature to the game; you can now change the in-game’s font size on the go!

You can select between small, medium and large. This is what large looks like:

Tailor Tales - Screenshot 179

Just click the AA icon to cycle between the font sizes. Hopefully this will help out anyone who likes having a larger font! At the moment, this update is only for Patreons.

Speaking of Caine, I’ve been working hard on finishing a bunch of backgrounds for his route. Chapters 14-18 needed 10 unique backgrounds! You will be going to the beach at this point of the story, so I needed a lot of beach backgrounds. Here’s a few more screenshots to show some progress for Caine :)

Tailor Tales - Screenshot 180Tailor Tales - Screenshot 186Tailor Tales - Screenshot 201

I really enjoy working on Caine’s route, he’s such a little rascal, I adore him. For anyone who was disappointed Neil wasn’t your stereotypical tsundere, you will definitely enjoy Caine a lot more!

Interview with otome developers

For people interested in creating their own otome game for the first time, I figured it’d be good to hear from the people who’ve released an otome game already!

Meet the developers:

Celianna – Pixanna

Tailor Tales: Steam | Itch.io
Social media: Twitter | Discord

Xand – Xand Arts

Love Ritual: Steam | Itch.io
Social media: Twitter | Tumblr

Esh – Strawberry Studio

Changeling: Steam | Itch.io
Social media: Twitter | Tumblr

MikomiKisomi – Crystal Game Works

That Which Binds Us: Steam
Social media: Twitter

Interview under cut.

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Caine’s script 2/3 of the way done!


Wrote some more for Caine’s route, and I’m 2/3 of the way there! I have written roughly 120k words in a year when I check on past progress cards.

I have a feeling Caine’s route will be a bit longer than I had anticipated, but it is what it is. Caine’s route will also feature some smut in chapter 18, which is a first. I had planned to add smut only in the epilogue, but this is just how the story went. He’s just the thirstiest of bachelors hahaha.

I should hopefully have finished Caine’s script this year.

Fashion Events

To create more content for people so that they do not get bored with designing after getting all the items from the store, I am planning on adding a new system to the game, called Fashion Events.


You can unlock fashion events if you have the right amount of tailoring experience, as well as enough gold. Each fashion event has levels, where you will have to create a piece of clothing and style up your avatar to pass the level. Each level has different requirements.


From now on, every (or at least, most) item will have a fashion style attached to it. These can be styles such as elegant, cute, sexy or cool. Combine them together to create different fashion styles.

Eventually you will have to dress up your avatar to compete in this level. What you wear, combined with your hairstyle and even shoes – will count when competing in that level. So if the level asks you to wear the colour blue, but not the colour green, you’ll have to make sure you style yourself up like this!

Each level you complete will earn you a piece of clothing. These together form a themed outfit (think Halloween or Christmas or whatever). So basically each fashion event has its own set of clothing, and you have to complete all levels to score the entire outfit.

I am still brainstorming about this and figuring out how I’m going to make it all work, but there will definitely be something new and exciting to come! Eventually the goal is that I can keep adding more outfits as I please, giving the player more levels to complete.

This in turn allows me to create a gold sink for the player (players were earning too much gold with nothing to spend on), as well as giving the player a reason to create clothes (to collect the outfits).

Of course, I still need to work on this a lot! :D

The first side story!

Side stories were always a planned element in Tailor Tales. They could be anything, from short and cute after stories, to point of view stories from the LI himself.

I finally managed to set aside some time to work on the first side story; Neil’s PoV for chapter 12 (the masquerade ball).

This one took a while because I need two things:
– Joselina’s sprite
– Joselina’s voice

Because it is a point of view chapter, it means the story is told through Neil’s eyes (in third person though). You can see the main character (Joselina) on screen, interacting with other characters. She’d also have a voice, like the rest of the cast.

The main issue was the fact that Joselina’s colours can be adjusted. 4 skin tones, 6 hair colours and 6 eye colours. With all of the combinations available, this resulted in 247 different images. No, I did not create all possible combinations in 247 images. Those are all the parts of Joselina so that I can build up her sprite in real-time!

Yeah, that was a lot of effort.

This is her main sprite:


Now imagine that in all different colours, plus all the usual combination of eyes, mouths, eyebrows, blushing faces etc.

Then I finally managed to cast a voice actor for her voice; Theo Moers! She does a great job as Joselina. You will be able to hear Joselina’s soundbites during these PoV stories, but you are also welcome to turn them on/off in the main menu (Settings > Audio), in case you’d like her to remain silent.

Anyways, once I had all the art and sound for it, I could finally start working on Neil’s PoV for chapter 12!

Tailor Tales - Screenshot 109

There’s a part that could make for a great CG moment, but I am unsure if I want to spend more time and effort making a CG that’s not part of the main story at the moment. I also don’t want players to expect that every side story will have a CG, because that’s simply not feasible. Either way, I’m still mulling it over.

Patreons will be able to enjoy Neil’s first side story soon.

2.0.1 update

The 2.0.1 update is live on both Itch and Steam! Simply update your game and you should now have a checklist for clients. This is the last public update I’ll create until Caine’s route is completed.

On that note, I’m progressing on Caine’s route just fine, working hard considering I didn’t have a chance to work on his route in January. I finished a CG, a lot of backgrounds, other character art, and wrote some more of his script.

Tailor Tales - Screenshot 70
Tailor Tales - Screenshot 76
Tailor Tales - Screenshot 82

All in all, a very productive start for February!

Clients getting a checklist


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what exactly is wrong with your design that the client is requesting. Especially when pattern colours come into play; that’s something a lot of people get wrong because they picked white, instead leaving it as a default colour.

I’m still trying to come up with a way to make it easier for the pattern colours, but for now, I’ll be adding a checklist that will tell you what’s correct and incorrect for each subcategory (length, design, hemline etc.). It will not tell you which colour you need exactly, so it should still provide you a challenge. But at least it will tell you what’s wrong when you’re dumbfounded because it looks exactly like the picture.

So right now, there will be a checklist added that shows you if you have the correct item, colour and pattern selected. It does not say whether the correct pattern colour is selected though, and that’s something I still need to think about, as that’s a stumbling block for many people.

I’m also coming up with a new system called the “Fashion Show”. Users who already had everything from the store and had mountains of gold got a little bored. The Fashion Show should spice things up a little, as it would allow you to design clothing according to the judge’s likes and dislikes. They would then rate your design and you get a reward. The reward will most likely be a part of a special outfit (and if you complete multiple fashion shows, you complete the full outfit etc.). But that’s something I’m still brainstorming about!

Either way, my programmer is going to add the checklist to the clients so that it’s easier to complete them :)