History log

Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 18.png

Since beta 1.3 was recently released, I fixed a few bugs, corrected some typos, and have added a history log. I also adjusted gold rewards a bit, making it harder to earn gold since it was a little too easy to farm for it.

That means 1.3.1 is available for download, making it the most stable release :)

With the history log you can now read the previous 20 messages shown on screen in case you missed anything. Just click on the little book and the log will open up. Click it again to close it.

Let me know if you find any bugs. With the release of 1.3.1 I will now also release a Mac version sometime soon. Mac version is out now, too!

Your save file from beta 1.3 will work in 1.3.1 if you want to keep your progress. Please copy and replace your “\Tailor Tales\save” folder as well as your “\Tailor Tales\img\pictures\Fashion\Completed” folder into the new game folder. Make sure the folders are in the right spot!

Tailor Tales beta 1.3 update!

Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 16

Download Tailor Tales beta 1.3 here.

– Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let you create bottoms
– New introduction and character selection
– Shops added
– You can now design clothing for clients
– Chapters now cost money to proceed, or require clothing items
– Autoread option added
– Neil’s chapters 21 through 25 added (17k words)
– Dimitri’s chapters 4 through 6 added (8k words)
– 2 CGs added
– Markus & Evelin now have working expressions
– Added Angela’s dress
– Many more backgrounds added
– Minor graphical changes to various graphics
– Characters can now run off the screen (I’m looking at you, Neil)
– Added a couple of new hairstyles and item accessories
– Added a beginner tutorial
– GodMode removed

Your previous save file will not work in this version. Please delete the previous version, or install the new one in a different folder. Previous beta players can still play where they left off by indicating so during the introduction.

GodMode is removed in this version – you no longer have access to all items from the start, neither can you read the story while skipping all requirements. You now have to earn money to progress the story, as reading costs money and it scales up with each chapter.

Everyone will now have to be forced to go through the introduction as well as the designing tutorial. I’m not taking any chances with people pressing “no” on the tutorial and skip it.

Decorate is still not an available option in this version. You can finally shop though – although the backgrounds for the shops still aren’t finished, neither are the shopkeepers.

Neil’s route splits in chapter 25 into the Passionate ending or the Innocent ending. Try re-reading chapters and pick different answers to read both versions of chapter 25! This does mean that Neil’s route, from here on out, is officially split. Each ending has two chapters, a CG unique to that ending, and a shared epilogue. That means, there’s only 3 more chapters left to go until Neil’s route is complete!

I wanted to re-design the in-game menu, but that will be saved for a different update. This update will still have the old version. Sometimes the CG gallery behaves a bit glitchy and will display the previous CG you saw, instead of the one you clicked.

Mac version will be released sometime after the PC version is out.

Questionnaire for those that have played beta 1.3:

1. What is your gender and age?
2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales?
3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?
4. Which (available) character is your favourite?
5. What’s your favourite scene?
6. What’s your favourite CG?
7. Which character would you like to be available next?
8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?
9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end?
10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy?
11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients? I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela’s dress, or the opera dress.
12. Favourite aspect of the game?

If you encountered a bug, please follow these steps:
– Please take a screenshot of the bug in question, or give me a detailed description.
– Give me a detailed description of the things you did right before the bug happened (i.e. you clicked on a dress and suddenly everything malfunctioned.)
– If you got stuck at a chapter and or important clients, please let me know which chapter and which character you are on.

When you get an error after creating a new game:
You’re running an older version, please delete this folder, re-download the game and play again, it should be fixed! :)

Back in action!

My month long break is finally over (to be fair, I did work on it some), so it’s time to get back in action and push out Tailor Tales’ next update.

Considerate progress has been made regarding clients and shops. The player can now design clothing to earn money, and buy items from the shop.

Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 15Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 16

Each shop will have its own individual background as well as shopkeeper (Sam works at the Hair Salon, and James at the Carpentry!), but those are low priority at the moment. As long as it works, right? Haha.

This does mean in the next update, you won’t have all items given to you for free anymore. You’ll have to work for it! Gold cost as well as gold earnings is something I’ll have to finetune based on people’s experience if it’s too hard to earn gold, or too easy.

You’ll also have to design certain clothes now to progress further into the story … or at least, that’s something I’m going to try to implement for the next beta, but I’m not 100% sure it’ll be included yet.

Who doesn’t want to see the masquerade dress though!?

I was planning on redesigning the menu, but at the moment that’s a bit too much effort, so I’ll leave that for the next beta. The new menu would simply include more options, such as the ability to load, pick out which chapter you’d like to read, and maybe even read a bachelor’s first chapter/read a trailer to try them out before you pick them.

The next beta will keep the previous menu design, so nothing will change on that front.

I’ve also finished drawing Neil’s 5th CG. This one took me forever because I couldn’t get Neil’s face right aarrghh. I’ve redrawn him 4 times … 4!! Also, it’s a lovely CG, because it’s the first one that shows Joselina’s face in it – so it’ll reflect your choices of skin/eye/hair colour.



I found a voice for him. When I created each bachelor, I came up with a vague storyline and what their personality would be like. Neil, Dimitri and Caine came naturally. Aiden took a rework, and after that it was smooth as butter to write his scenes.

The only ones left … Sam and James.


Sam was the hardest for me to grasp, I couldn’t bring myself to write a single scene for him. I just couldn’t find his voice; it was hard to write him. Well, I spend a few days brainstorming about him (and playing other otome games), and I realize I needed to change something about him.

Once I did, Sam’s voice was finally heard! I now have a clear image in my head of what Sam is like, how he responds to things, and what his storyline will branch out into. I’m finally excited to write Sam’s scenes!

All that’s left is James, the second most popular bachelor due to his mysteriousness.

Because James is so popular, I haven’t attempted to touch him just yet. He’s still mostly a blank slate and anything can change. I’ve got a general storyline and a vague idea of his personality, but nothing is really sticking yet. I will have to brainstorm about him, too. I just hope I won’t disappoint people.

As for writing progress, I’ve written one more scene for Caine, and a couple for Dimitri. Dimitri’s story is now at 40k, but due to it being written in a non-chronological order, I can’t release them just yet.

I realized I had too much content planned for Dimitri that I had to remove some scenes I had in mind, hah.

Anyways, next month should be the next beta release, and it should include 10k more words for Neil’s route!

And a shout out to FlamingDiva for creating this lovely dress:

Want to take screenshots as well? Simply go to Outfits and click the camera icon in the top left, select a background and click “done” to generate a screenshot!

Android version

Since RPG Maker MV allows porting to Android, I’m thinking about letting people play Tailor Tales on android system – but only the story would be available. None of the designing of the clothing would be there, as it would be too difficult to navigate on a small handheld system, plus it would bloat the system by a lot of MB.

An android version of Tailor Tales will NOT include any designing, and will only contain the stories of the bachelors. Are you interested in it still?


One large part that hasn’t been added to Tailor Tales yet: the ability to design clothing for clients and earn money.

This money will then be used to purchase either more clothing parts, or to purchase the next chapter in the story.

Sometimes, you’ll have to design something specific to continue the story, either for a client or for yourself.

And we’ve finally made progress programming wise!

Here’s Angela requesting a dress from you:

Tailor Tales v 1.1 - Screenshot 29
Tailor Tales v 1.1 - Screenshot 30

When designing clothing for clients, the client will randomly generate something based on your current clothing parts (important clients tied to the story will not be random!), and you have to make it match with the preview. When done, you’ll earn money and experience.

The more experience you have, the more gold you get from each completed client request.

To make sure that making these clothes doesn’t become too frustrating, I made sure that you can always delete a client if it’s too impossible for you to make (can’t delete important clients though). I also grouped colours, so you don’t need to match the exact shade of red, as long as it’s red!

The downside to deleting/refusing a client, is that you will lose your current completion streak. If you complete 4 requests in a row, you’ll get bonus exp. If you delete one during this streak, you’ll lose it and it resets back to 1.

The less clothing parts you have, the easier these requests are. The more clothing parts you own, and the harder it’ll become to match the client’s request!

The next beta will have the client system added! This means you will no longer be able to read chapters one after another freely. You’ll have to work for it :)

A God Mode (which the previous betas currently have enabled) to obtain all clothing parts and all chapters without restrictions will be planned in the future as a perk.

Back from vacation!

I’m back from my vacation, although I’m still taking a break since I’ll be spending the next three weeks with family and friends who came to visit me.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been dormant! It’s excruciating to see the people making bug reports and I couldn’t fix it, aarrghhh.

Anyways, people mentioned that when creating some bottoms, the image wouldn’t show up. Woops. Let’s chalk it up to the Emperor’s New Clothes, eh? It’ll be fixed in the next release :)

During my vacation, I’ve worked on Aiden’s route some more and fleshed out the plot with a clear goal in mind. Personally, it’s probably my favourite plot because it has a mix of being grounded in reality, to being over the top. I’ve always wanted to write about a character like him, so I hope I can make him shine! He’s probably got the best passionate ending as well, hah.

To those curious, I made a graph on how my progress works when creating bachelors and writing for them.

(To compare, Neil is at step “Complete script”, Dimitri is at step “Repeat last 5 steps”, and Aiden is at step “Write important scenes and plan out CGs”)

Completing the script itself takes several months, but I’m working on several bachelors simultaneously so that’s why it’s taking so long to wrap things up.

The next thing that eats up a lot of my time is adding the chapters to the game – having to set each expression the character sprite should have, picking out the background, and then adding each line one by one, and testing it out over and over again so that you catch spelling mistakes and other miscellaneous bugs. It’s very time consuming.

This is why, even though Neil’s script is finished, he’s not fully added to the game yet (that, plus I’m missing his CGs).

Surprisingly, backgrounds take the least amount of time to finish. This is due to deliberately choosing a simple art style and perspective. Backgrounds can take 1-2 hours each.

Next beta goal: add Neil’s chapters up until the story splits into two endings. Add a working client side so you can make clothes to progress the story.