Changing the story a bit

So after running the poll, the more popular answer is that people would want to play more characters, than to play the same character once more for a different story.

I guess that’s fine. I will scrap my intention to create two different stories for a character. Instead, I will take the same story, but only rewrite the scenes so that it will account for the player’s personality.

Stories were divided into a Passionate and an Innocent route. And they still exist, just right now I’m deciding to not give them separate stories anymore. Instead it will simply reflect your personality more. Are you more aggressive, or are you more passive? Joselina’s actions and thoughts are hopefully more in tune with yours. of course, the bachelor will react to you differently as well.

God knows how many times I’ve been irked by a protagonist who’s stupid, helpless and clueless. I don’t want the player to be stuck with a character that’s supposed to represent them like that.

Lastly, a small update on Neil’s route, his story is nearing the end. I think I will cap out at around 35k words, maybe 40k.

Once more!

The previous poll was divided between more stories for one character, or more characters. To help people decide better, I present to you the second bachelor: James! Yup, he’s from the old version, and he made the cut.

And here are their biographies:

Neil Forrester

Age: 24
Height: 176cm (5’9)
Job: intern at Claner Medical Center
Neil belongs to a rich family, and in turn has grown up quite spoiled and detached from the real world. He thinks highly of himself, and often looks down on people, getting him into petty arguments. He’s well spoken – he can be quite witty – but still doesn’t really know how to take responsibility for his actions, nor is it often that he says he’s sorry. In his eyes, he can do no wrong. On the other hand, there’s a gentle side to him when it comes to his cousin Angela, whom he adores.

(Note that the portrait for James is unfinished)
James Morgan

Age: 24
Height: 182cm (6’0)
Job: carpenter
James is a bit antisocial and mostly keeps to himself, although he’s got a very close bond to his caregiver Buck, who runs the carpentry. Letting anyone else get close to him is not his thing, especially since he has a hard time understanding people’s feelings. James is very critical of anything and anyone, including himself, and rarely gives out compliments. He is blunt and honest, thus sometimes can come across quite crass and rude to people. He’s not a man of many words, but when he does say something, they’re on point.

So I ask you girls again in a simpler way; do you want more Neil stories, or do you want to play James right after Neil?

Multiple routes or more characters

With Neil’s first route nearing completion (it will probably be around 30k words), I am wondering how much people even want another route.

Most visual novels have like two endings for a character; a bad ending and a happy ending (where you end up together). For Tailor Tales, I did it differently. You will always have a happy ending, you will just have a completely different story based on a few choices you select in the beginning. Essentially, you’ll have two stories for one character. I did this for replay value, as well as wanting people to pick choices based more on what they feel is in tune for their personality, than selecting the ‘choice to win his route’.

So far, I’ve almost finished Neil’s first route. At the beginning of his route, it splits off and you can read two completely different stories for him.

Of course, this requires me to write an entire new story, it’s the same amount of effort I’d put into it if I were to create another route for a different character. It’s basically a time constraint issue and what I should give priority.

My question would be what would you like to see more of: two different stories for one character, or more characters?

Would you rather play through Neil’s story once, and then play a different character? Or would you like it if Neil had two different stories, at the expense of not having another character’s story written.

Let me know! Below is a poll, and I didn’t add “yes I want two different story routes AND more characters,” on purpose because that’s not the issue here, it’s what I should give priority to.


Backgrounds it is

Okay, ignore my previous post. I did decide to do backgrounds, because I cannot figure out how to add a gameplay element where the player can walk if it is not an open world, so I’ve decided on backgrounds.

I’ll probably go back onĀ  my word, but whatever.

Here’s a screenshot of Joselina’s boutique. The idea is that you can decorate it to your own tastes (the style at least, but not the location of the furniture).



I threw Joselina in the screenshot as well for the heck of it, but that’s most likely not going to be in the actual game.

Sprites and whatnot!

Okay, I’m definitely not going for VN styled background, that’s just too much effort, when I’ve got plenty of tiles available to create my world.

I’ve created a new sprite style!


Very cute. I just need to animate them. Some day, hah. That can always come later.

And here’s a mock-up of how it would look like in-game:


Progress, no?

Just a quick test

Neil’s first route is about 60% done, I just need to actually finish the beginning and the end (writing the middle is so much more fun). I’ve decided to have two routes for him, I know I promised four, but I want to actually be able to finish Neil …

Things are left a bit open ended with not everything answered at the end, for the future possibility of updates that explore these open ended questions.

Anyways, I took a break from writing, and worked a bit on getting the visual style down. I’m still not sure if I want to go full blown Visual Novel style, or use maps (maps would mean less effort from me), but here’s quick test I made.

Tailor Tales Neil test

I also tried to overhaul the Tailoring system, so that you’re actually creating pieces of clothing that you need to sell to earn money. Although this has a low priority, compared to the actual story.

I had a bit of fun drawing some clothing pieces though. I should probably focus on the more important things haha.


I also tinkered with the idea of giving the player a female best friend, who they are also able to court. So a lesbian romance! I mean, I’d love to add it, but first I gotta focus on finishing at least one route before I add more.

Visual updates

Been a while since my last update, but I haven’t forgotten about Tailor Tales just yet!

While I still don’t know exactly how the gameplay will end up like, or how the story will play alongside making clothes – I do know it will be a streamlined story featuring the guy of your choice. It’ll be VERY visual novel style.

And what fun is making clothes if you already start out with one of the most beautiful dresses? That’s why; meet Joselina the standard avatar! The art style has been tweaked again, and I think this is the one I’m sticking with. Simple, yet with realistic proportions.


In the beginning, the player can create their own avatar with basic options such as skin tone, eye style and hair colour. Later on, as they progress the game, they’ll have more wardrobe options (that they make themselves), as well as having the option to style your hair at a salon, and buy accessories such as shoes and hats from another store. You can even change the background of your dressing room. It’s a glamorous lifestyle!

If you want to see what Joselina looks like in other clothes and hair, just click here.

Most likely, to advance the story, I might make it so that you have to create a certain piece of clothing to advance. I know, it seems arbitrary, but because it’s not an open world anymore, I do need to come up with some reason to make the player advance.

Speaking of advancing, Neil’s story is slowly being written. I’ve finally bit the bullet and decided to go for a first person point of view – even though I’ve always hated it myself – so that the player can immerse themselves more into the story.

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without revealing what Neil’s portrait looks like. I’ve decided to make a fullbody portrait of him, just like Joselina.


I’m actually really fond of the simplistic stylized backgrounds that I’m considering going full blown VN style and having backgrounds instead of maps for the backdrop.



Perhaps something like this?